Youth Matters
This is what matters: a second chance
"Staying out at night used to be so exciting. It was a lot better than staying home where my mother was always yelling and so much better than doing useless and boring homework. I had a group of friends who understood these frustrations. One night, we were just hanging out, not doing anything in particular, not causing anyone any bother when two policemen approached us ...more
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Charity Auction and Sale July 2017
Youth Matters Charity Auction and Sale Reflecting China's Culture and Traditions: Courtesy of Lisa's Collection
Youth Matters Launch of HKFYG Positive Life Attitude Award for Young People
Youth Matters Hong Kong Book Fair 19-25 July 2017: HKFYG at 1B-C38 General Books Pavilion with 10 new books ...more
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Concert of Ten Thousand Voices
Youth Matters Night Market YND3 with Social Welfare Department plus Healthy and Safe City Committee of Sai Kung District Council
Youth Matters Successful Concert of Ten Thousand Voices: 26 June 2017 at the Hong Kong Coliseum
Youth Matters Belt and Road Multimedia Resource Kits Sponsor Quality Education Fund: Launch with Teachers Seminar 6 July 2017
Youth Matters Hong Yip Service Company partners HKFYG Youth Employment Network Job Training Programme ...more
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Youth Matters Togetherness: Young People's Views on Social Cohesion and Social Fracture in Hong Kong ...more
Report No. 23 HKFYG Youth I.D.E.A.S.