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Hostel for co-living and co-working
It is not always possible or easy to live at home and there can be many reasons. The HKFYG Tai Po Youth Hostel provides an opportunity for young people to take their first step towards independent living through transitional housing.

HKFYG Taipo Youth Hostel cum Youth SPOT

With creative use of space, the hostel will accommodate 80 18-30 year-olds. By living together and learning how to cope on their own, residents will learn essential daily life skills including financial planning, time management and decision making. This welcome stop-gap for up to five years will be ready for occupation in 2018/19.

HKFYG Taipo Youth Hostel cum Youth SPOT funded by the Home Affairs Bureau
Find out more Call Sunny Kong 2656 3257 or Phoenix Ngai 3755 7066
2017 Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition Winners
2017 Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition Winners
2017 Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition: Winners go to I-SWEEEP Olympiad
Winning projects: Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School (Bronze Award, Engineering category) for their mobile-friendly sign-language translation gloves
Carmel Pak U Secondary School (Honourable Mention, Energy category) for their environmentally-friendly fuel investigation
Project Competition Partners
Education Bureau, Hong Kong Science Museum, Innovation and Technology Commission, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
I-SWEEEP 2017 Houston, US 3-8 May Inspiring students to be environmentally aware and create a sustainable planet
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Enquiries Kimpton So 2561 6149
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HKFYG Youth Employment Network Youth Career Expo 2016
HKFYG Youth Employment Network Youth Career Expo 2017
Calling employers and job-seekers: mark your diaries!
Date Wednesday 28 June 2017
Venue B1, HOTEL ICON, Tsim Sha Tsui East
Deadline booth holder registration 31 May
Expected attendance 800
More details and registration
Enquiries Kaka Lau 3113 7999
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Project SEToff : new territory-wide social inclusion anti-drug programme for working youth and hidden drug abusers
Features Solution-focused, cognitive behavioural therapy and motivation enhancement for relapse prevention
Duration June 2017- December 2019
Platform Social media and the workplace plus collaboration with Youtubers on anti-drug videos
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Enquiries Kenneth Yeung 2701 8866

I Can Fly Concert of Ten Thousand Voices: Hong Kong moving forward together
I Can Fly Concert of Ten Thousand Voices
Celebrating 20th anniversary of the HKSAR
10,000 youth Singing about shared dreams of the future
Date, time, venue 11am 26 June 2017 Hong Kong Coliseum
Co-organizer RTHK
Sponsors Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, Sino Group
Venue sponsor LCSD
Plus Attempt to set a Guinness World Record for vocal percussion
Guest Performers
Club of Five world-famous Finnish a cappella group ensemble
Tobias Hug formerly of the renowned Swingle Singers
Hong Kong pop artists Joey Yung, Hins Cheung, Alfred Hui, Ng Yip Kwan
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Enquiries Alice Lui 3755 7067

Sir Robert Black training grant supports youth tour to Russia and other Belt and Road destinations
Goals HKFYG's Youth Exchange unit regularly offers students sponsored trips such as this to widen their knowledge of other countries and broaden their horizons for future careers.
Highlights Visits to historic sites, interaction with local students, traditional culture workshops
Upcoming Moscow & St Petersburg, 17-27 July 2017
Forthcoming sponsored exchanges Kazakhstan and Sichuan
Enquiries Ms Yu Hon 3586 8448
Just published
Creative craftsmanship: hurdles and incentives
Youth I.D.E.A.S. report no. 21
23% of 520 survey respondents aged 18+ think the greatest hurdle for developing craftsmanship in Hong Kong is shortage of space. Some craftsmen and women also face management and technical problems for mass production.
Recommendations from youth
Youth Matters Creative Craftsmanship Cluster to support artisans
Youth Matters Government subsidies for technology and automation of creative craftsmanship
Full details Youth I.D.E.A.S. report no. 21
Enquiries Amy Yuen 3755 7037