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Dialogue with Chief Executive

Chief Executive, Donald Tsang will hold a dialogue session with young people on his 2005 Policy Address at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, 3:00-4:30pm, Saturday 15 October. Call 2564 1277 for further details.

Mentorship is a valuable commitment made by people from all walks of life to our youth development programmes. The interactive process of mentoring is a strategy which embraces, empowers and protects young people and can be pivotal for their success in later life. Matching mentors to mentees is of intrinsic importance in several of our initiatives, for example Youth Business Hong Kong. We owe all of those who have volunteered a big thank you for their encouragement and help.

The role of mentors is complex. They listen, coach and set a positive example in one-to-one partnerships which thrive on good communication. Their skill, wisdom, experience and professional background can all be involved. They also offer a supportive link to the networks that bolster our community. A good mentor protects, counsels and confirms, but he or she must also share and challenge as a friend, while providing a set of guiding principles for finding the best way through the complexities and challenges which face youth.

*The word 'mentor' was originally used in Greek mythology. More than a teacher, Mentor was a wise and trusted counsellor, both believable and unreachable, half man, half god and both male and female.

Thanks to Partners

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Oregon Scientific Sports Training Scholarship Scheme 2005

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Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2006

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Grand Raffle Campaign 2005

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Federation News

JUPAS and A.L. exam talk
The Federation's F.5 Broadband 2777 1112 service will be organizing a talk about JUPAS subject selection strategies and A. Level examination techniques on Sunday 16 October from 2-5pm in the Queen Elizabeth School. 700 F.7 students are invited to take part.

3 new Cyber S.P.O.Ts open
The Cyber S.P.O.T. project, sponsored by Microsoft Hong Kong Limited, has entered its 2nd year with 3 Youth S.P.O.Ts in Hung Hom, Heng Fa Chuen and Tin Yuet joining in. It provides information technology and training to underprivileged youth members, allows them to keep up to date, borrow a notebook computer free of charge and surf the Internet on broadband.

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