Youth Matters
Seminar on cannabis
Cannabis: riskier than you thought
Cannabis, one of the most widely used illegal drugs among youth today, is addictive and can cause paranoia and hallucinations. It can lead to many health, social, learning and behavioural problems at a crucial time in a young person's development. Up to a quarter of former cannabis addicts report suffering from side effects years after quitting the drug ...more
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Innovating Today, Imagining Tomorrow
Seminar on cannabis: tackling abuse and myths
Innovating Today, Imagining Tomorrow: third year for fruitful mentorship programme with HKUST
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Project Setup: supported by JPMorgan Chase Foundation and Labour Department Youth Pre-employment Training Programme
Home Again: Successful Charity Premiere thanks to all sponsors of Dragon Foundation
Youth! Don't gamble! Phase V supported by Ping Wo Fund
New Year celebrations with love and concern for neighbours of all ages funded by Lok Fuk Estate Management Advisory Committee