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Cannabis: riskier than you thought
Seminar on cannabis
Cannabis, one of the most widely used illegal drugs among youth today, is addictive and can cause paranoia and hallucinations. It can lead to many health, social, learning and behavioural problems at a crucial time in a young person's development. Up to a quarter of former cannabis addicts report suffering from side effects years after quitting the drug.

According to Hong Kong police statistics, serious cases related to cannabis were up by 44% in the first 10 months of 2017. A similar trend is revealed by Narcotics Division figures, with cases of abuse of the drug up by 23% among under-21 year-olds in the city.

A plant-based drug, it is sometimes thought to be more natural and less harmful than synthetic drugs. Its acceptance in many countries as a prescribed painkiller can also confuse people, as can myths about its power to boost creativity.

Knowing the facts is important and the purpose of this weekend's seminar with the Federation's Youth Crime Prevention Centre is to share them.

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Seminar on cannabis: tackling abuse and myths
Seminar on cannabis
Partners Wong Tai Sin District Office, District Fight Crime Committee (Wong Tai Sin District), Beat Drugs Fund
Organizer HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre
Date 20 January 2018
Time 9am-1pm
Venue Wong Tai Sin Community Centre
Guest speakers Dr Tung Chi Kwong,
Castle Peak Hospital, NT & Dr Kalwan MT Kwan, HKU SPACE
Target audience Social workers, teachers, parents, health care professionals, local community members
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Enquiries Kenneth Yeung 2701 8866

Innovating Today, Imagining Tomorrow: third year for fruitful mentorship programme with HKUST
Innovating Today, Imagining Tomorrow
Focus The program aims to broaden students' horizons, inspire them to unleash their potential and pursue personal goals.
Mentors 23 faculty professors from HKUST
Goals Sharing cutting-edge science and technology and the latest research and development with groups of S4-5 students
Organized by HKFYG Centre for Creative Science and Technology
Deadline for enrolment 19 January 2018
More details科學優才培育/「敢.創.未來」師友計劃/
Enquiries Edward Mak 2561 6149
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Project Setup: supported by JPMorgan Chase Foundation and Labour Department Youth Pre-employment Training Programme
Innovative 6-month management training for Associate Degree or Higher Diploma holders organized by HKFYG's Youth Employment Network
Goals To enhance employability and job opportunities for graduates working in SMEs or startups
Target 150 24 year-olds and younger
Deadline for enrolment [First batch] 19 January 2018
Programme duration Till October 2019
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Enquiries Cheung Chi-wai 3113 7999

Home Again Charity Premiere
Home Again: Successful Charity Premiere thanks to all sponsors of Dragon Foundation
More than 700 guests from government, business, NGO and other sectors attended
Proceeds to Leadership training programmes for Chinese youth from around the world
Venue and date The Grand Cinema, Elements, 8 January 2018
Guest of Honour Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBM, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration, HKSARG
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Enquiries Mandy Tung 2811 2779

Youth! Don't gamble! Phase V supported by Ping Wo Fund
An awareness-raising community advocacy and education programme that works online and offline to help thousands of youth reduce the risk of gambling addiction
Includes Anti-gambling workshops, gambling risk assessment, youth law apps, educational videos & games, 3D educational hologram films and exhibitions
Duration January 2018 to January 2019
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Enquiries Ken Lee 2702 2202

New Year celebrations with love and concern for neighbours of all ages funded by Lok Fuk Estate Management Advisory Committee
A carnival run by young volunteers to deliver a proactive message on building a harmonious community
Organized by HKFYG Wang Tau Hom Youth SPOT
Date 3 February 2018
Place Lok Fuk Estate
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Enquiries Hazel Chan or Lotan Chan 2337 7189