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Emotional problems are frequent in today's students and as term starts we remember the alarming recent trends in youth depression and suicide. Those in contact with youth have to be skilled and well-informed in order to offer timely help ...more
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Computers on offer from HKFYG
Youth Matters Super discounts! Computers on offer from HKFYG: ASUS, DELL, FUJITSU, HP, LENOVO and SAMSUNG
Youth Matters Breakfast Meeting with HKFYG Jockey Club Incubation Programme for Social Innovation ...more
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Water Conservation Adventurous Challenge cum Carnival
Youth Matters Save water! Have fun! Meet challenges! Water Supplies Department partners Tai Mei Tuk Outdoor Activities Centre
Youth Matters Giant Catapults with Wheels: Outdoor Challenges funded by Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation ...more
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Youth Matters Learning through Arts, Engineering and Design in the Community with HSBC Community Partnership Fund
Youth Matters After-school learning support at Youth SPOTs funded by EDB
Youth Matters Jackson Electronic Plastic Ltd funds Community Care Project