Youth Matters
Voices raised in unison
Next Monday, on 26 June at the Hong Kong Coliseum, 10,000 young people will join together, sharing in song their dreams, passions and hope for the future, symbolizing Hong Kong moving forward ...more
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Youth Matters Co-created art by 1,000+ youth: unveiling 29 June 2017 4pm for HKSAR 20th anniversary & HKFYG China Week 2017 sponsored by Sino Group
Youth Matters Outdoors adventures in HKFYG's Summer Youth programme
Youth Matters Launch of Belt and Road resource kits and teachers' seminar
Youth Matters First Creative Coder Competition (CCC) 2016/17 ...more
Thank YOU partners
Youth Matters HKFYG Partnership Luncheon
Youth Matters Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme 2017/18: Tourism Commission & Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence partnership
Youth Matters HKFYG Youth Employment Network
Youth Career Expo 2017
Youth Matters KT Tape, Mentholatum, Bonaqua and Aquarius sponsor HKFYG Jockey Club Community Team Sports Competitions
Youth Matters Talk on planning and preparation with Vocational Training Council ahead of DSE exam results ...more
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Youth Matters Youth Spot Magazine Working towards a better Hong Kong
Youth Matters Twenty years on: Hong Kong's future Youth Hong Kong Magazine ...more
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