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Youth Matters
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A time to think of others
Christmas is a time of thinking about families and friends; about giving and receiving gifts; and about enjoying good food and drink. But what about those, especially young people, who live in poverty and for whom Christmas offers nothing special? ...more
Youth Matters Well done Mai Ching-laam: HKFYG Lee Shau Kee Primary School pupil 2nd runner-up in national public speaking competition [學憲法講憲法]
Youth Matters Well done! Youth Social Innovation Award 2016 Winners ...more
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Youth Matters Head start for a career in finance HSBC Financial Dialogue Series 2017 deadline for registration 28 Dec 2016 ...more
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Youth Matters Conference on Youth and Technology Crime Thursday 19 January 2017 2.45pm
Youth Matters Farmfest: Hong Kong's largest outdoor farmers' market with HKFYG Organic Farm stall OG3-4, Fa Hui Park, Mong Kok ...more
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Youth Matters HONG KONG 2030+ Towards a Planning Vision And Strategy Policy Address Online @M21
Youth Matters Music for you: My Stage - Shine on Stage 亞太音樂祭 ...more
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Youth Matters Media Literacy Seminar reveals lack of care and awareness online among a third of youth
Youth Matters 1,100 free tickets for 14th Hong Kong Mega Showcase from Hong Kong-Asia Exhibition Ltd for HKFYG members and volunteers
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