Youth Matters
Youth Matters
To all our partners, readers and friends, we wish a very Merry Christmas DONATE NOW
A time to think of others
Christmas is a time of thinking about families and friends; about giving and receiving gifts; and about enjoying good food and drink. But what about those, especially young people, who live in poverty and for whom Christmas offers nothing special?

According to recent joint-university research on child poverty and children's wellbeing,* over 10% of the city's children have no suitable place to study, 4% have no computer at home and 12.9% say they cannot afford extracurricular activities.

The Federation is committed to serving all young people, especially those who live in poverty and we need your help to ensure that these children are provided for. This Christmas, let us work together, making this a season of giving to those in real need.

Call us.

Brenda Yip 3755 7101

Well done Mai Ching-laam: HKFYG Lee Shau Kee Primary School pupil 2nd runner-up in national public speaking competition [學憲法講憲法]
Primary 6 pupil Mai Ching-laam was awarded a trophy and a Certificate of Honour for her speech in Mandarin about the importance of constitutional law, a great achievement for a 12 year-old.
Date and place 27 November 2016 - 1 December 2016 in Beijing
Enquiries Celia Ho 2448 1011
More information about the school

Well done! Youth Social Innovation Award 2016 Winners
Judged the best for social impact, innovation, feasibility, presentation and team work, these young social innovators received seed funding for their startups to encourage them to build a better society.
Awards HK$30,000, $20,000 and $15,000
Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for the Jockey Club Cyber Youth Outreach Service
Organized by HKFYG with the Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong and Caritas Youth and Community Service
Training in business skills offered by HKFYG's uTouch service
Participants Under 24-year-olds in 21 teams
Final pitching and award ceremony Saturday 17 December at InnoCentre
Winners SEN GOAL (Champion); 夢Faith行(1st Runner-up); 樂與Teen之幸福(2nd Runner-up)
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Enquiries Hsu Siu-man 2788 3444
What's NEW
Head start for a career in finance HSBC Financial Dialogue Series 2017 deadline for registration 28 Dec 2016
HKFYG's Leadership 21 invites business students to apply for these talks, training labs and accelerated recruitment programme for high flyers.
New FinTech Challenge to put innovative ideas into action
Date and place of induction session 7 January 2017, M21
More information
Enquiries Jacky Yeung or William Chung 2169 0255
Coming Soon
Conference on Youth and Technology Crime Thursday 19 January 2017 2.45pm
Hot topics at this upcoming include causes, cases and trends in cybercrime and cyber deviance.
Speakers include:
Mr Kenny KS Wong Chairman, Intellectual Property Committee, The Law Society of Hong Kong
Mr Dicky TK Wong Detective Senior Inspector, Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau, Hong Kong Police Force
Dr KP Chow Chairman, Information Security and Forensics Society
Mr Albert WH Luk Barrister-at-Law
Venue Auditorium, HKFYG Building, 21 Pak Fuk Rd, North Point
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To register call Bob Lee 2487 6151

Farmfest: Hong Kong's largest outdoor farmers' market with HKFYG Organic Farm stall OG3-4, Fa Hui Park, Mong Kok
Go to Stall OG3-4 to find the best premium seasonal organic produce available, including leafy greens, strawberries and tomatoes. First come first served!
Admission free plus free shuttle bus every 15 minutes from Shek Kip Mei MTR Exit B1
Dates 30 December 2016 to 2 Jan 2017
More details about Farmfest
Enquiries Tin-sang and Pang Pang 2838 4808
Recent events
HONG KONG 2030+ Towards a Planning Vision And Strategy Policy Address Online @ M21
Dialogue with Mr Paul Chan Mo-po Secretary for Development
Organized by HKFYG M21
Many students spoke about difficulties buying flats here and said they were worried about Hong Kong's future. In reply, Mr Paul Chan focused on two of the government's solutions: the proposed developments in East Lantau and the New Territories North. He said students need not to worry about buying property. They should be aware of wider horizons and career paths and then buying flats would be not too hard.
Date Friday 9 December
Participants 220+ secondary students
View at
Enquiries Po Po Chan M21 3979 0000

Music for you: My Stage - Shine on Stage 亞太音樂祭
Six Asian bands from Japan, Thailand, South Korea, China and Taiwan played cool creative music with the three winners of the HKFYG Youth Band Sound Competition last weekend.
Date Saturday 17 December 2016
Venue Piazza C, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Sponsors Home Affairs Bureau, Commission on Youth
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Enquiries Michelle Ho 2395 5753
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Media Literacy Seminar reveals lack of care and awareness online among a third of youth
A recent HKFYG Media Counselling Centre poll showed that nearly 30% of youth share information online regardless of its authenticity. About 30% are fearless about activity online. Over 60% use privacy settings but are relatively neglectful of others' privacy when uploading data and photos.
Partners The Seminar is under Be NetWise, funded by Quality Education Fund
Recommendations Strengthen media literacy education, nurture positive values and encourage analytical, critical thinking to identify online risks.
Date of survey November 2016
Respondents 1,855 secondary students
More information
Enquiries Cecilia Ng or Andy Chan 2788 3433

1,100 free tickets for 14th Hong Kong Mega Showcase from Hong Kong-Asia Exhibition Ltd for HKFYG members and volunteers
Everyone who registers as an HKFYG member or volunteer at any Youth SPOT or online at is entitled to two free tickets to the exhibition.
Deadline for registration 24 December
Dates for free entry to Hong Kong Mega Showcase 24-25 December
Venue Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Register now for membership as a volunteer or for volunteer service at any Youth SPOT or online at
Enquiries Mandy Tung 3755 7072
Just published
Youth Hong Kong December 2016: Creativity LEADs the way
Are the necessary skills being taught in Hong Kong schools? Take a look at the present and the future in this issue with a pull-out section on the HKFYG LEAD labs for Learning through
Engineering, Art and Design. Find it online at Call 3755 7108 or email for a copy

Pressures Faced by the Younger Generation: Journal of Youth Studies
Recently released by the HKFYG's Youth Research Centre, this new issue investigates the source of pressures from various perspectives. Topics such as stress management, intergenerational conflict, cyberbullying and social change are tackled by researchers, academics and social workers. The separate Pan Chinese Societies Exchange section has articles on heritage conservation in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and Macao.
Published title Journal of Youth Studies Vol 19 No 2 Serial no 38
More details
Enquiries Ching 3755 7040