Give generously at JUSCO

Thanks to the support of AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited twenty-six Federation donation boxes will be in place at customer service counters and cashiers' desks in seven JUSCO Stores from now till 31 October…click to read more…

Youngsters on public policy

The Federation's Leadership 21 is organizing a Public Policy Innovation Competition with the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute Ltd supported by a grant of more than HK$800k from the Sustainable Development Fundclick here to read more...

Arts Crossover Dialogue

In a new collaboration with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong), the Federation has co-organized "Crossover Dialogue-New Vision Arts Festival 2004: Arts Critics Writing Programme" …click to read more...

Last week's Dragons in China * exceeded all expectations. Young Chinese delegates came to Beijing from many parts of the world to participate. 1200 from the Mainland, over 200 from Hong Kong plus representatives from Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Macau, from Europe, Australia, Canada and the US. Financial Secretary Mr Henry Tang, joined by Dr Patrick Ho and Ms Shelley Lee from the Home Affairs Bureau officiated at the opening ceremony. Delegates benefited from insights offered by prominent Mainland, overseas and local Hong Kong Chinese speakers as well as from the rich opportunities for networking.



Dr. Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP

Visits to Peking and Tsinghua Universities, Renmin University of China and the China Agricultural University gave them the chance to hear leading academics speak and to meet local students and National Day saw the whole party joining in the celebrations in Tienanmen Square. Perhaps what delighted them most was the opportunity to meet national leaders. What more valuable exposure could there be for Hong Kong youth. All in all, a grand success that bodes well for the future.

*Dragons in China: The First World Chinese Youth Forum, Beijing, 28th-29th September, 2004

Undergrads meet China's leaders
A proud group of eight Hong Kong university students met one of China's national leaders in Beijing last week. Touched by the encouragement they were given and the attention paid to their opinions by such a senior member of government, the meeting was declared an overwhelmingly positive experience, both inspiring and motivating. Click to learn more...


Slim chance
Two recent surveys of primary and secondary school students reveal how self conscious young people are of their weight. According to the data collected, 30% believe themselves too fat and 50% think they would look better if they lost a few pounds. This problem is not unique to Hong Kong. How serious is it here?
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Internet risks revealed
Children's use of computers and particularly the Internet has sky-rocketed. Can this be healthy? Several recent surveys confirm that there are good reasons for serious concern since the average student admits spending 4 hours on the net every day while some stay online for up to 21 hours. One report looked at Hong Kong parents' perceptions and attitudes towards this phenomenon…click to read more...



Students on patriotism

What percentage of Hong Kong secondary school students think of themselves as patriotic? According to the Hok Yau Club it's 67% but according to the San King Integrated Children & Youth Service Centre a mere 30% feel love of their country. Views on civic standards among Mainland Chinese counterparts were also to read more

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