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“Invest in Youth by building Partnerships.” Welcome to the second issue of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups’ e-newsletter. Aimed at all those who are interested in young people, their problems and concerns, hopes and aspirations, Invest in Youth, share stories, information and news. We welcome you your suggestions and comments, but ask you also to take the time and see how you might be able to join us building up partnerships. Please show your support by joining our mailing list to receive Invest in Youth every week.

Dr. Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP

Call for Partnership
artnerships can be a powerful driving force of social-economic development. Partnerships are important because society is made up of a network of relationships, between individuals, groups of people and between different sectors. Through partnerships…. more

Preparing Young People for the Future
Young people can learn how hot industries function and what is required to secure a job by joining “Towards Self Enhancement: A Career Oriented Programme for Youth”, a collaborative effort between the Federation, RTHK and JUMP...more

“Unlimited Potential” Empowers Youth
The Federation is very privileged to be one of the two recipients of Microsoft’s “Unlimited Potential” support in Hong Kong out of a total of 88 recipients in the world…more

Parent Education Training Well Received by Teachers
The Education and Manpower Bureau commissioned the School Social Work Unit of the Federation to organize a training course on parent education for the second year…more

Creating a Healthy Cyber World for Young People

Conscious of the compelling need to create a healthy cyber world for young people, the Federation and the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority will jointly organize the “Creating a Healthy Cyber World” Project…more

Youth's Views on China's First Astronaut in Space
The Federation interviewed 500 young people by phone and found that over 71 % of Hong Kong young people feel their sense of national pride enhanced after the history-marking launch...more

60% Parents and Children Do Not Exercise Regularly
According to a recent survey, 60% of parents and children do not even exercise twice a week. There is a definite urgency to improve the situation...more

Paying Attention to Adolescent Spinal Problems
Hong Kong parents are probably right to worry about the problem of spinal curvature in their children. The ratio of Hong Kong students with scoliosis has been increasing at an alarming rate...more
New Immigrant Students make a Positive Impression
Recent research has shown that teachers in Hong Kong generally have a very positive impression of immigrant students. This gives rise to the question, whether Mainland students are doing better in school than local Hong Kong student…more

World Youth Leadership Jam
When musicians get together to “jam”, they get to share their unique skills and knowledge in an informal setting. When young leaders from 15-20 nations meet each other and “jam”, bridges of solidarity and partnership across the lines of ethnicity, class, gender, geography, and area of focus can be built…more
Honest Talks Help Children Postpone Sex
Don’t underestimate your power, parents! You have more influence over your children’s sex lives than you realize…more

Role Models of Teens
Parents and historical figures top the list of most respected people identified by Hong Kong teenagers in a recent survey. Are the results similar in Italy and the U.S.A. … more

Tapping into Career Opportunities in the Pearl River Delta
“Pearl for Youth”

More and more Hong Kong youths are now considering developing their career paths in the Mainland, especially in the Pearl River Delta (PRD). A panel session was held at which leaders from different industries shared their experience…more

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