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Aimed at all those who are interested in young people, their problems and concerns, hopes and aspirations, Invest in Youth, share stories, information and news. We welcome you your suggestions and comments, but ask you also to take the time and see how you might be able to join us building up partnerships. Please show your support by joining our mailing list to receive Invest in Youth every week.

Making Youth Participation a Reality
Hong Kong will be going to the polls on November 23rd. While voting is a sure way of demonstrating civic responsibility, what else can be done to ensure that young people participate...more
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Spreading the Message of Environmental Protection

Through a series of nature tours, games and activities, youngsters learnt more about nature and wildlife in a fun filled way…more

Experience Exchange between Hong Kong and Shanghai Youth Workers
Recently, there have been a lot of talks about the relationship between Hong Kong and Shanghai. It is undisputable that the two cities have a lot to learn from each other. This is also true in the area of social welfare…more

The Hon. Mrs. Rita Fan to share Insights on Facing Adversity
As the old saying goes, "we grow through adversity." Unfortunately, when faced with a problem some young people would choose to run away from it. They can now benefit from the following course…more

11.2% Hong Kong Teenagers have Suicidal Thoughts

Reader's Digest investigated the suicidal tendency of young people in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei…more

Bringing Environmental Education to the Community

In the midst of rapid urbanization, Hong Kong's last paddy field disappeared in the 60s. Now, fields of paddy are going to reappear in Tuen Mun in an effort to promote environmental awareness among young people…more

Hong Kong Students under Stress

97% of Hong Kong students have already experienced some degree of stress two months after the beginning of the new school year…more

One-third Canadian Teens do not Describe Themselves as Healthy

Just as secondary students in Hong Kong report that stressful campus life is damaging their health, their counterparts in Canada also encounter the same problem… more

Youth to build Bridges of Cultural Understanding
The World Youth Festival offers an opportunity for the youth to bridge the gap of cultural differences through dialogues, plenary sessions and workshop groups, in order to promote a global orientation towards a culture of peace and mutual understanding…more

Youth Literacy Rates

Education is an essential prerequisite for empowerment and participation of young people. According to the 2003 statistics of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization…more

***Youth Participation***

Youth Speak Out

In order to increase youth participation, we must treat them as competent citizens. A wide variety of channels are necessary to encourage teenagers to express their opinions…more

Ensuing Sustainability of Youth Participation
Dr. Rosanna Wong identified six challenges of youth participation that have particular resonance in Hong Kong, thereby suggesting ways to ensure the sustainability of youth participation…more

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