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Dr.Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP

Learning and Fun in the Summer

Summer holidays are often considered the best time of the year! A release from classes and examinations and time to do new and exciting things.

However, while the long vacation is a time to take a break from the stresses of school life, this does not mean that it is a time to be bored or unoccupied. Learning can still be fun and learning without the pressures of curriculum and tests can be very enjoyable, while also broadening perspectives and challenging creative talents and potential. “An idle mind is a devil's workshop”, as the saying goes, and keeping busy during the summer holidays help avoid the temptation to engage in dangerous or criminal activities.

The Federation is pleased to offer a range of inspiring, interesting and educational activities and opportunities to engage young people during the summer holidays, fully aware that nothing helps a youth's development more. We have endeavoured to cater for all age groups and varied interests, by providing over 2,500 programmes, available all over Hong Kong. These opportunities will be under the guidance of professionals and will help young people learn new skills and brush up on old ones; enhance development and just have fun! Please see below for more details.

We invite our partners to show support to keep young people usefully occupied during the summer vacation. You can help financially in sponsoring programmes, help us with volunteers, provide advertising and printing support, or even just help in distributing the Summer Brochure 2004. We are happy to even discuss collaborations and company visits for next summer! Please do call the Partnership and Resource Development Office at 2123 9598 for further details.

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