Aimed at all those who are interested in young people, their problems and concerns, hopes and aspirations, Invest in Youth, shares with you the latest development of the Federation and young people. We sincerely invite you to join us as a partner in nurturing the younger generation.
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Dr.Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP

Service through Counselling

Hong Kong is currently in the throes of examinations. The tensions and pressures that young people are now feeling, does at times, become unbearable. To help them during this critical time, to ease their anxieties and to calm them down, the Youth Counselling Centre of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups is at their service.

Well known among young people, the Youth Hotline service provides an immediate and convenient channel for troubled and nervous youth to express their concerns. At present Youthline 2777 8899 offers telephone, as well as face-to-face counselling to those who require further referral or are in need of immediate intervention.

This service unit has special projects during the examination period and provides comprehensive support and counselling services for Form Five students. Last year over 6,000 cases were handled, both through the hotline, as well as through ICQ counselling. We anticipate the same level of interest and usage this year.

While the Federation has found a way in which to offer practical help, we call on our partners too to play their part in this annual rite of passage, by offering various resources including cash donations, advertising support, volunteers and donation-in-kinds like new and used computers. Please do call the Partnership and Resource Development Office at 2123 9598 for further details.

Comprehensive Support During Exam Time
In an effort to help young people cope with public examination pressure, the Federation launched the "Form Five Broadband@u21" project to accompany young people through the examination periodmore


Depression Widespread Among Young People
Adolescent depression has become an alarming issue not only in Hong Kong, but around the world…more

Coming of Age Ceremony cum Charity Walkathon
Last Saturday, more than a thousand 18 year olds took a pledge to be responsible citizens, while scaling the heights of their ambition. They did not walk alone. To show support for Hong Kong's young people, financial donations were received from ExxonMobil Hong Kong Ltd., Mr. Chan Chung Bun, Bunny, JP of Prospectful Holdings Ltd., Dr. Wong Chi Ho Jimmy of Tung Chun Group, Hong Yip Service Company Ltd. and Tim Kee Uniformmore

Gifts from the Heart to the 18-Year-Olds
Through donations-in-kind, various corporations also expressed their care and goodwill to the 18-year-olds in a concrete way…more

Thank You for All Your Support!
The Federation is grateful to our venue sponsor, Peak Galleria of Hang Lung Properties and the supporting organization,Radio and Television Hong Kong, for their great support to the Coming of Age Ceremony…more

Suicidal Thoughts Among Hong Kong Students
One in ten of student respondents had seriously considered or planned to kill themselvesmore

Not Enough Time To Read
Preferring to watch television and play video games, hinders time that could be spent on reading...more

Students Bystanders to Bullying
To prevent bullying, students need to be taught how to intervene…more

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