Pepsi Charity Auction

We are very grateful to PepsiCo for their continuing support for the Federation's youth development work. Immediately after the remarkably successful PepsiCo Charity Concert that took place on 20 December last year, PepsiCo generated a net profit of RMB 92, 025 at the Pepsi charity auction for the benefit of the Federation and The Dragon to read more…

Colors your Summer - Youth Ambassador Program

In a new collaborative venture the Federation will partner McDonald's Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited in the Colors your Summer Youth Ambassador Program which aims to provide all-round job training to the students selected to take part…click here to read more...

HKFYG's Job Recruitment Day

Last year's three Youth Careers EXPOs succeeded in attracting more than 13,000 young people and received encouraging feedback from the public. On 22 March 2005, the Federation is going to join hands with the Labour Department to organize a fourth EXPO in Tuen Mun…click here to read more...

Youth Forum on "Looking Northward - Career Prospects in China"

The Standard Chartered Bank and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce are our partners in a forum entitled "Looking Northward - Career Prospects in China". It will be on Monday 21 March 2005 from 6-8pm in the Auditorium of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. There will be discussions between participants and a panel of guest speakers on employment opportunities on the Mainland…click here to read more...


The Unlimited Potential of Youth

Microsoft is in the limelight at the Federation this year. As one of the Caring Companies we nominated for their Unlimited Potential program, they have made a generous commitment to Hong Kong, donating HK$5.6million in cash plus software, training packages and support services. The total value of their support for our young people's technical education is HK$15 million.


Alexander Huang, Rosanna Wong, Teri Ng

"The Federation is one of our treasured partners in the community affairs area, sharing our missions and values," said Teri Ng, Microsoft's Director of Law and Corporate Affairs, Far East Region. 18 fully equipped IT training centres called Cyber SPOTs will be set up within our Youth S.P.O.Ts to help to bridge the digital divide between Hong Kong's rich and poor. The one at Tsuen Wan has already trained 1000 young people who would otherwise have found great difficulty affording the courses.

"HKFYG is serving as a best practice showcase for next-generation wireless-enabled IT learning centers in implementing and sustaining technology training programs on the district level, with its advanced resources, curriculum and technical expertise."

Naturally, we are very happy to have feedback like this and look forward to keeping readers up to date with progress in implementing the three phases of the programme.

Expanding Youth Membership
The Federation's u21youthnet membership has reached 150,000 this month. Since last September the figure has risen by 40,000, a very encouraging sign. Visit to see why we attract members!

Leadership 21 Youth Think Tank Kick Off Ceremony
Officiating guest: Professor Lau Siu-kai
Venue: Run Run Shaw Hall at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine
Date and Time: 19th March 6:00 - 8:00pm

Launch of the 2005 Hong Kong Odyssey of the Mind Programme
Guest of Honour: Dr York Y N Chow
Special guests: Prof Phillip Moore, Mr William Y.Yiu
Venue: Hong Kong Institute of Education
Date and Time: 2nd April 2:30 pm
Click to find out more about the programme.

Second "Leaders to Leaders" Series: Kick Off Ceremony and First Lecture
These well received lectures will enter their second series on 18 March 2005 at the Wang Gungwu Lecture Hall, Graduate House, University of Hong Kong, 6:00-8:00p.m.
For the full list of speakers visit:

Ideas for sustainability
Sustainable development is a phrase we see often in the media but what does it actually mean? The Federation devised a competition called the HK Public Policy Innovation Award (PIA): Strategies for Sustainable Development to stimulate young people's interest. We run it with the collaboration of the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute and the sponsorship of the Sustainable Development Fund and have been talking to two of the award winners.
Click here to read about it


Equal or not
Last Tuesday was International Women's Day - a good time to find out what Hong Kong's young people think about gender equality and the role of women in our for some recent figures...

Smoke-free zones

The recent news of the ban on smoking in public places as of mid-2006 is very good news. It comes just after University of Hong Kong researchers showed that second-hand smoke alone costs the city HK$1.2 billion in health care every year... click to learn more

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