Aimed at all those who are interested in young people, their problems and concerns, hopes and aspirations, Invest in Youth, share with you the latest development of the Federation and young people. We sincerely invite you to join us as a partner in nurturing the younger generation.
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Helping Young People Develop a Global Perspective
For more than 20 years the Federation has organised numerous initiatives to help young people in Hong Kong develop an international perspective. These have taken the form of Exchange Trips and Programmes, of providing opportunities to attend international conferences and workshops, as well as facilitating the sharing of foreign friends and dignitaries visiting Hong Kong with local youth.

In today's highly competitive and globalised world, an international outlook is imperative and the Federation has long been aware of this. The point, therefore, of these initiatives is to help young people widen their horizons and see themselves as not only belonging to Hong Kong, but as belonging to the world! It is only through these types of programmes that they can enrich their knowledge, and expand their abilities to think critically and analytically. Young people need to be able to appreciate the rich diversity of cultures and traditions, be open to other opinions and have a sure understanding of global issues and concerns.

Please do help contribute to the Federation's programmes and exchanges. Help youth acquire the skills that will ensure that they remain competitive on an international stage, with a sound and relevant global perspective.

Call the Partnership Office on 2123 9598 for more details on the Federation's international programmes.

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