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Pacific Basin Economic meeting Partner

Colin Powell attends 38th Pacific Basin Economic Council meeting in Hong Kong

The Federation is indebted to the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce for giving our young leaders the invaluable chance of attending the special luncheon for Colin Powell at the 38th Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC) International Conference in Hong Kong on 14 June here to read more...

Free Promotion Partner

Free promotion on giant LED

The Federation is very happy to announce a new partnership with Easy Groups Ltd. who have offered us free showings of our youth service video clips on their giant LED screen in here to read more...

Employment Network Partner

Appeal for more companies to join Youth Expo

The Federation's Youth Employment Network (YEN) will hold the second 'Youth Job Expo' this year on 13 and 14 July at Plaza Hollywood, Diamond Hill... click here to read more...

Songbridge Partner

Sole sponsor of the HKFYG Grand Songbridge Gala Concert

The Federation would like to express sincere thanks to Mr. Raymond Lee, sole sponsor of the HKFYG Grand Songbridge Gala Concert on 12 July to read more…


HKFYG presents the Songbridge Concert of the World Children's Choir Festival on 12 July 2005
This is the latest of a number of Federation-led musical initiatives in Hong Kong. We are keen to promote young people's appreciation of music and the arts and their active participation as performers or volunteer helpers. We believe that music can bring release to the spirit and that participation brings with it a sense of community.



Raymond Lee on the right

The concept behind the Songbridge Concert is in harmony with our beliefs. It was the initiative of Professor Erkki Pohjola of Finland who was convinced that global peace and understanding could be promoted by bringing young people from around the world together to sing music that reflects their different cultures.

This year's performance features choirs from Canada, China/Hong Kong, Finland and South Africa and is part of the 2005 World Children's Choir Festival. The programme will include five newly commissioned works, as well as folk tunes and melodies from each country. Do come and hear them for yourselves.
For further information contact Ms. Sharon Chan at 2123 9598 or click here...

I recognize how important it is for young people to grow up into rounded, cultured adults and share this perspective with The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. Appreciation of the arts is central to such development and I am very happy to make a commitment to this goal by supporting the Songbridge Concert.

Mr Raymond Lee, sole sponsor of the Concert,
Chief Executive Officer, Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited

Youth Job Expo 規劃事業及教育博覽 2005

Date: Saturday-Sunday 25-26 June 2005
Time: 11:a.m. - 7:p.m.
Venue: Stars Atrium, Level 1, Plaza Hollywood Diamond Hill

Youth Learning Project Pacific Economic Cooperation Award Presentation

Date: Saturday 2 July 2005
Time: 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Venue: YMCA Hong Kong, Assembly Hall, 3/F, South Tower,
41 Salisbury Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Guest of Honour: Prof. Edward K Y Chen
Co-organizers: HKFYG & Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation

Bridging the gap: volunteers for Songbridge
Three hundred Federation youth volunteers will help at the World Children's Choir Festival in Hong Kong next month. We asked two of them about their expectations.… Click here to read about it


Voluteers for Song Bridge


Young people's thoughts about the Chief Executive
A youth telephone poll asked for opinions on the attributes of a Chief Executive (CE) of the HKSAR Government…Click to read more...

The Chief Executive of HKSAR, Mr Donald Tsai, GBM

A long term look at shortsightedness

Chinese East Asians run a higher risk of short-sightedness than any other group. Why is it and can it be prevented? Work on Hong Kong children makes progress...Click to learn more

Shortsightedness  youth

Lost and found: hi-tech answers

Locator-enabled phones and smart cards can make the spectre of child kidnap a less stark possibility whenever a child goes missing...Click to learn more

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