Tickets for Juventus pre-match practice

The Federation thanks KCE Sport and Entertainment for generously giving u21 members 500 tickets for the pre-match Practice Session of Juventus on 3 here to read more...

Joint-School Dance Competition 2005

Chinese and western dance, modern dance, jazz and street jazz dance - the Joint-School Dance Competition 2005, co-organised by the Federation with Nikko and Infinity Dance Studio, has them all. An initial judging is scheduled for Saturday 2 July at Tsuen King Circuit Sports to read more…

Video clips for HKCEE students at Roadshow

The Federation has produced a series of 10 video clips focusing on issues related to the HKCEE. By partnering KMB we have been able to air the clips on Roadshow and so reach a much wider here to read more...

Saturday Night Fever

Once again, we have been lucky enough to form a partnership with Cathay Pacific, the sponsor of the musical 'Saturday Night Fever'. Cathay Pacific offered a very special chance to 30 of our members to attend this musical's Master Class... click here to read more...


Learning for fun: summer activities at the Federation
Quality time for young people on holiday - that is the aim of the Summer Programme. There are 2,700 different activities which encompass leadership training, sports and health, volunteer work, creativity and digital technology. We have added 200 new courses since last year with the emphasis on positive and constructive activities for educational and leisure purposes.



For lucky parents who can have quality time with their children in the summer we have tailor made items which we hope will help build up the special parent-child relationship. These include cooking, bird-watching and sailing; hip-hop, digital photography and art therapy. Whatever is the flavour of the month at home or at school, we aim to provide supportive back-up, from the time school breaks up till term starts again.

"The Home Affairs Bureau has lent its support to summer youth programmes like this since 1969. They give Hong Kong's youth a chance to make best use of their free time during the summer vacation so as to cultivate knowledgeable and creative young people with good interpersonal skills who grow up to be responsible, civic-minded members of the community."

Ms Shelley Lee, JP, Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs

Congratulations to OMP delegates for great results

Odyssey of the Mind World Finalists get great results this year
Report back session: Tsuen Wan Youth S.P.O.T. Thursday 9 June, 4:30 p.m

Click here to look at their results...

Global Citizenship Programme 2005

Organizers: The Dragon Foundation and the Institute of International Education
Commissioning Ceremony: Wednesday 15 June, 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre, Hong Kong Central Library
Guest of Honour & Keynote Speaker:
Professor Edward Chen, Lingnan University
30 undergraduates from Hong Kong universities then go to New York and Washington DC from June 17-25 on the Global Citizenship Programme 2005.

Click here for more information…

Congratulations to all winners: Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition

The 2005 final judging took place on 4 June. The 6 winning teams will go to the 2005 Shanghai International Youth Science & Technology Exhibition from 11 to 16 July....Click to see the list of the winning teams.

Action packed summer ahead
Thousands of energetic children enroll in the HKFYG Summer Youth Programme each year. We talked to Dominic and Helen, a boy and a girl about to go into secondary school, and three primary pupils Mok Chi-ho (7 years) and Cheung Man-lok (8 years) who has already roped in his six-year-old brother.… Click here to read about it



Obsessed by the Net
Puzzled parents may wonder why killing aliens online with a mouse is their child's number one favourite activity. The Hong Kong Paediatric Foundation's survey in 25 schools found that 35% in secondary and 15% in primary grades are online for at least 3 hours every day. It's an even bigger problem on the Mainland…Click to read more...

Young support smoking ban

Smoking kills up to 7000 people a year in Hong Kong so the government's initiative to ban smoking in all public places is very welcome to most of the population. What do young people think? A survey was carried out in Hong Kong recently and the findings are unequivocal...Click to learn more

Junk food lovers or just picky eaters

A consultant group conducted a survey of children's eating habits by interviewing 784 Hong Kong parents in April and May this year. Over half of them believed their children were very partial to certain kinds of food and lacked of appetite for regular meals. Meantime, obesity figures and fast food sales climb...Click to learn more

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