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Dr.Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP

Working on youth employment together

Unemployment among 15-19 year olds hit an unprecedented high of 37.6% last summer. Compare this with just 7.6% only ten years ago. The figures gradually improved over the year but are now climbing again. The Federation is acutely conscious of this problem so we established YEN, the Youth Employment Network, as our one-stop service centre for young job seekers. This wing of the Federation has launched a range of initiatives and takes a very active part in government run programmes which enhance the employability of youth. It also collaborates closely with the business sector to run Youth Career Expos regularly.

Now summer is here and another cohort of school leavers is in the job market. It’s time for the next expo. The Federation reached 13,000 young people last February and 2000 were offered jobs. This coming month we expect the figures to be even higher. Your help as mentors and employers will be invaluable. Our young people deserve to have access to decent work. The temptation of informal work in the grey economy is already stronger here than on the mainland or in neighbouring countries like Singapore. This is against the interests of Hong Kong’s economic recovery and the Federation is doing its level best to help young people find regular jobs.
We care and with your collaboration we can succeed. Join the network by participating in the Youth Career EXPO by on-site recruitment or by posting your job vacancies during the 2-day event. All interested parties please contact the Youth Employment Network at 3113 7999 without delay.

New initiatives of the Youth Employment Network

The Federation's Youth Employment Network (YEN) has launched a series of new initiatives recently. Their rationale is that career prospects of young people need not be limited to traditional salaried employment


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A Family Day Camp: Enhancing Children's Incentive to Learn
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14.9% of Secondary Students have Suicidal Thoughts
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