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Color your own Robots partner list

Color your own Robots

Children can take part in the Robot- Painting Competition, co-organized by 20th Century Fox and the Federation with full support from DoubleA and media support from MingPao. Two hundred free tickets for the film Robots have also been donated to us by 20th Century here to read more...

HKFYG Summer Tribal Art Camp Partner list

HKFYG Summer Tribal Art Camp

The Federation and the Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival are co-organizing a creative 2-day HKFYG Summer Tribal Art Camp in August. 80 students from Primary 6 to Secondary 3 are expected to join in…click here to read...

Symposium for HKCEE stduents event partner list

Symposium for HKCEE students

The Federation and the Vocational Training Council are co-organizing a Symposium for this year's HKCEE students entitled 「知.專.升學路」研討會暨放榜工作坊 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 27 July 2005... click here to read more...

SSYP partner list

Summer Youth Programme: thanks to donors

Many thanks to Sino United Publishing Holdings and Four Seas Mercantile Holdings Limited for generously offering gifts and refreshments at the Kick-off for the Summer Youth Programme on 3 to read more…


News and Views

Youth Business Hong Kong — Another Choice.Another Opportunity
According to Youth Business International (YBI ), at least 300 million young people aged 18-30 around the world are unemployed or underemployed. In the UK the Prince's Trust mobilized the business community to help start-ups, then YBI adopted this model with over 70,000 young people in over 26 countries - many from disadvantaged backgrounds. Building on the YBI model, the Federation has initiated Youth Business Hong Kong (YBHK) which will provide entrepreneurship training, personal coaching, and financial assistance.


Mr Michael Yip

YBHK will give business mentoring for young people with viable business ideas but without backing. We believe that this support will enhance self-esteem, employability and economic independence of young people with the vision and talent to be entrepreneurs. Hong Kong was ranked 32nd out of 35 economies in an entrepreneurism survey this year. The same survey ranked Shenzen 10th, just ahead of the US. What is it that makes a start-up business into a runaway success? Increased diversity and competitiveness is the answer. This week's Lead Story is an account of one such dream come true.

"I would like to help young people in Hong Kong who work hard and have ideas for new ventures. Sometimes all they need is the right kind of encouragement and financial support. I am convinced that Youth Business Hong Kong will see the younger generation maintaining our enviable tradition of successful entrepreneurship."

Mr Michael Yip
Chairman, Ocean Grand Holdings Limited

What's happening

Award Presentation : Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition

Saturday 9 July 2005, 11:30 am at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Officiating Guest: Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah, JP, Secretary for Commerce,
  Industry & Technology

Launching : Youth Business Hong Kong

Tuesday 12 July 2005, 3.00pm at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Guest of Honour : The Hon. Henry Tang, GBS JP, Financial Secretary, HKSAR
Special Guests: Ms Gu Li-ping, Youth Business China
  Mr Andrew Fiddaman, Youth Business International

Youth Career Expo

Wednesday-Thursday 13-14 July 2005 at Plaza Hollywood Diamond Hill
Guests of Honour: The Hon. Jeffrey Lam, SBS, JP,
  Member, Legislative Council, HKSAR
  Mr Tsang Kin Woo, JP
  Assistant Commissioner, (Employment Services),
  Labour Department, HKSAR

Lead Story

Entrepreneurial passion and hard work
Entrepreneurship requires innovative thinking and the determination and passion to follow through with an idea. We talked to Steve Ng, winner of an award from LiveWIRE, an entrepreneurship scheme which preceded Youth Business Hong Kong. Steve founded Toy East International, a very successful online business...Click here to read about it


Steve Ng, Founder of Toy East International

Facts & Figures


Hong Kong fathers: cold, distant and strict

Recent surveys show that many Hong Kong parents, especially fathers, do not rate too well according to their offspring. There are also plenty of arguments at home...Click to read more...

Unhappy Family

War or poverty

Defence budgets far outstrip aid budgets and the problem of poverty, which could be alleviated by aid, is being addressed by world leaders this week at the G8 summit. Poverty is ubiquitous and the income gap within our own society is one of the highest in East Asia...Click to learn more

Poverty in South East Asia

Optimism for job seekers

A recent job fair boosted signs of an economic up-turn in Hong Kong although government statistics show only a slight upward trend...Click to learn more

Job Seekers

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