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Dr.Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP

Students fly out

Exchange trips are always very good news when it comes to exposing young minds to positive influences. Like all travel, they widen horizons and introduce foreign cultures. But unlike casual holidays, exchanges have structure and purpose. They give students a goal and can form a very constructive part in personal development. The Federation has been running regular exchanges since the 80s and has an extensive network of international partners in around 20 different countries including the US, Australia, South Africa, Korea and of course in mainland China. Dragonair are sponsoring the First World Chinese Youth Forum which will take 300 young people to Beijing in September and Northwest Airlines backed the Global Citizenship programme in New York last June. Cathay Pacific Airways sponsor several trips including the annual International Wilderness Experience Programme which is taking place right now at the Entabeni Game Reserve in Johannesburg. Last month the Leadership 21 Youth in LegCo Study Tour went to visit Queensland's Youth Parliament and as you can see from the picture, it involved wildlife too. Certainly there was much more than just dry debate. Some of the participants told us the story. Read all about it...

Feedback on the Federation's Study Tour to Queensland's Youth Parliament

10 students recently came back from this very successful Cathay Pacific sponsored exchange. It extended their experience of political systems and debate while introducing them to different concepts of social responsibility. Two students, both members of the Federation's Student Leaders Network came along to talk about here to read on

Careers in Coffee

It used to be hard to find a decent cup of coffee in Hong Kong. Not any more. With our latest partner, McDonald's, we have launched the "McCafe Coffee Professionals Scheme"...want to know more? click here

Happy holidays with Garfield
Thanks to Antz Workshop and 20th Century Fox, Garfield - the popular cartoon character -is on the u21 website. Free tickets and souvenirs here if you want to know more

Careers Expo: another big hit
25 employers offered over 1800 vacancies to young people at the latest Youth Career EXPO jointly organized by the Federation and the Home Affairs Bureau...more info

Jobless numbers down
The unemployment figures for young people aged 15-19 has dropped slightly in the period March through May to 24.8% …more

Emotional moments: the Felix Wong Improvement Awards
Every year, the Federation gives the Felix Wong Youth Improvement Awards to twenty extraordinary secondary school students in Hong Kong who have coped with real hardship in their short lives. This year's nominees had such poignant tales to tell; read more..

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