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Dr.Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP

The Student Leaders Network- synergy at work

The student leaders network is brand new. It's the Federation 's latest initiative in providing opportunities for Hong Kong's future leaders. It was launched just last week on July 6th with 1000 members and is expected to grow to 10,000 by 2010. The aim is to create teaching and learning platforms on which they can hone their leadership skills and talents, empowering them to serve their schools or universities and strengthening their commitment to the community.

The network is run under the aegis of the Federation's Leadership 21 and has three foci: value added training, giving back to society and exchange programmes. Secondary and university students aged 15-30 who have undergone basic leadership training and are or have been student leaders may join. We are very excited about this new venture and expect it to lead to greater youth participation in public advisory and consultative bodies in the HKSAR. We think you will agree that this is a vitally important part of the process of giving our go-ahead younger generation the confidence to speak out as representatives for their peers, locally, nationally and abroad. With experience gained at this level they will be one step closer to realizing their full potential.

Max: a leader in the making

Max was still at secondary school when he first came to the Federation's Leadership 21 centre. He took the student leaders certificate course in May 2000 while he was in Form 7. That was just the starting point, “Leadership is like sport and fitness”, he said, “the more you practice and train the better you get. "

Maximising youth potential in sport

The response to last year's Bonaqua Youth Challenge was overwhelmingly positive. This has led Swire Coca-Cola HK to sponsor the Federation event again this year …more

A special online chatroom for Form 7 students
The Federation collaborated with Hong Kong Education City Limited to launch a special online chatroom for Form 7 students from 8-10 July 2004 …more

Special discounts to encourage young people to read more
Wan Li Book Co Limited has kindly agreed to offer special shopping discounts for the Federation's u21 Youthnet members during the Hong Kong Book Fair 2004 …more

Stress at work affects family life
A survey conducted by the Federation in January 2004 revealed that over 70% of respondents considered their family life to be adversely affected by stress at work …more

HKAL Examination results released

49.9% of the candidates who attended the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination satisfied the general entrance requirements for first-degree courses in tertiary institutions ...more

A young person's idea of the dream job

For most young people, high autonomy, lots of holidays and plenty of leisure time constitute a dream job …more

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