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Aimed at all those who are interested in young people, their problems and concerns, hopes and aspirations, Invest in Youth, share stories, information and news. We welcome you your suggestions and comments, but ask you also to take the time and see how you might be able to join us building up partnerships. Please show your support by joining our mailing list to receive Invest in Youth every week.

Join the Youth Employment Network!
Youth employment is an issue for the whole community, not just social service or special concern groups. According to the latest Policy Address by the Chief Executive, the Government will extend the Youth Work Experience and Training Scheme by two years. The Federation welcomes this proposal and believes that it will lead to numerous opportunities for collaboration and work between all the sectors of society, particularly the business community and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

To address the issue of youth employment, the Federation established the Youth Employment Network (YEN) in July 2003. The purpose of the network is to provide training and support services, which will enhance the employability of young people. YEN requires the partnership and involvement of businesses and corporations in Hong Kong. We need your help, which can be in many forms: by becoming mentors, by offering youth placements in your organizations and by offering training and re-training to enhance their employability. Afford young people the opportunity for practical experience, which provides encouragement and inspires confidence to meet market demands. Join our Network ! For more information, please call Mr. Gary Tang, the Supervisor of Youth Employment at 3113 7999.

***Create Career Opportunities for Youth***

Working Together to Ease Youth Unemployment
The Federation places a high priority on enhancing youth employabilitymore


The Share of Youth Unemployed to the Youth Population
The seriousness of youth unemployment can also be reflected by the share of unemployed youth to the total youth population…more

Connecting the Generations through Radio Drama
The friendship between young people and the elderly was enhanced during the production of the radio drama CD-Rom

Dancing to Learn!
Hong Kong young people were invited to share dancing experiences with their friends from around the world

Spreading Christmas Cheer at the Airport
Like little angels, young volunteers brightened up the atmosphere through music at the Airport over Christmas 2003 …more

Top Ten News Stories, through the Eyes of Children
What did children rank as the top ten news stories of 2003?

Gender Differences in the HKCEE Pass Rate

Girls have higher pass rates in English Language, Chinese Language, English Literature and Chinese Literature ...more

American Teenagers Cut Back on Drug Use
There has been a marked decline in the number of American teenagers using illicit
drugs and cigarettesmore

Sailing the Seas
A unique international youth exchange programme at sea

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