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Aimed at all those who are interested in young people, their problems and concerns, hopes and aspirations, Invest in Youth, share stories, information and news. We welcome you your suggestions and comments, but ask you also to take the time and see how you might be able to join us building up partnerships. Please show your support by joining our mailing list to receive Invest in Youth every week.

Equipping Youth in a Digital World
Technology has, quite literally, become a part of everyday life, whether for education, communication, business, trade, leisure or entertainment. Not only have we become dependent on various digital tools to make our lives easier, we now realize that they are an absolute necessity in order to remain competitive and productive.

Young people especially need to be tech savvy. Therefore we call upon all our partners to help ensure that the youth of Hong Kong do not get left behind in this digital world. Please show your support and encouragement by either providing us with hard ware, like computers, or help sponsor training programmes.

To find out other ways to help, please contact Ms. Agnes Ng or Ms. Connie Lee of the Partnership and Resource Development Office at 2123 9598.

***Connecting Youth to the Digital World***

Improving Access to the Information Technology for Young People
People In this increasingly digital world, computer literacy is an essential tool in everyday modern lifemore

Youth at World Summit on the Information Society
Young people aged between 14 and 28 were also invited to participate in the Youth Caucus of the World Summit on the Information Society…more


Digital Divide in Hong Kong
Although information technology usage and penetration has increased amongst general households, there still exists a digital divide between the rich and poor in Hong Kong…more

International Digital Divide

The tables below show the international digital divide...more

West Rail Charity Ride Benefits Young People
West Rail opened at the end of 2003,donating the proceeds from its initial rides to charity…more

Choose the Top Ten Policy Issues of the Year
What will the young people of Hong Kong rate as the most memorable news moment of 2003…more

Youth Showcase their Musical Talents
Emerging pop and comedic stars at the Federation's Ping Shek Youth S.P.O.T …more

New Year's Wishes of Young People
As 2003 came to an end, the Federation interviewed about 400 young people aged between 15 and 34 on their New Year's wishes… more

Youth in Hong Kong Lack Effective Communication Skills
Research done by Breakthrough revealed that over half of the Hong Kong young people did not communicate well with their families or friends …more

70% Youngsters Satisfied with Temporary Job Schemes
70% young people are satisfied with the training and job nature of short-term youth employment schemes created by the Government ...more

An International Youth Think-tank
During the last week of January, young people aged between 16 and 25, from all over the world, will come together to discuss and analyze global problems …more

A Continued Decline of Young Mothers in United States
The teenage birth rate in the United States was historic low in 2002 with 43 births per 1,000 girls aged 15 to 19 yearsmore

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