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The Federation seeks out young people with leadership potential and the aim of the major new Hong Kong 200 Leadership Project is to harness it. This ten-year programme will be launched by the Federation in May, in order to enhance a sense of social responsibility and reinforce the willingness of outstanding youth to give back to their community. Sustaining the implementation of “One Country, Two Systems” and maintaining the competitive edge of our cosmopolitan city are top priorities. Young people need to be equipped to shoulder this responsibility.

Every year, the Federation will select 200 youth leaders for intensive training in Hong Kong and Beijing. Thereafter, these 200 will join The Hong Kong 200 Association and their accumulated experience will help them face future challenges. Leadership training is vital if they are to meet these challenges with


competence and confidence. The Association will sustain and inspire their continued participation, contribution and commitment. That is our concern and through unique projects such as this, with the help of partners and collaboration of the All-China Youth Federation, we hope to meet it.

To nominate a participant or learn more about the project visit:

Thanks to Partners

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“Hong Kong 200” Leadership Project 2006

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The Hong Kong Melody Makers Inaugural Concert

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Training programme for young probationers

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Feature Story

Paul, Moses and Nikki

Shanxi: teenage leaders to see the real rural China

Three sixth formers told us about their upcoming trip to Xian and Shanzou organized by Leadership 21 and sponsored by the Commission on Youth. What did they expect, how were they preparing and why did they want to take part?
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Facts and Figures

Youth poll on attitudes and perceptions of personal data privacy

60% of youngsters think street dancing is cool and creative

Federation News

Forum on China's 11th Five-Year Programme

Date & Time: Tuesday 28 March 2006, 6pm-7:30pm
Venue: Run Run Shaw Hall, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, Aberdeen
Call 2564 1277 for more details

Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest 2006
Grand Final and Award Ceremony

Date & Time: Saturday 1 April 2006, 10am-12:30pm
Venue: Room 401, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

The Hong Kong Melody Makers
Inaugural Concert

Date & Time: Monday 3 April 2006, 8pm
Venue: Concert Hall, City Hall Low Block
Enquiries: 2564 1277

The Hong Kong Melody Makers

Core Service Highlight

Parents share joys and problems

Leadership training

"Hong Kong People Ruling Hong Kong" is an important aim. To achieve it we must train young leaders. Through its training centre, Leadership 21, the Federation provides youth with the

skills and values they need to take up future prominent roles in the community by running over 80 courses and programmes every year. Visit for information.

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