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Energy for a Brighter Tomorrow
All of us will face challenges of varying degrees in our lives, no matter what our age. In moments of difficulty, however, there is always hope and ways by which to overcome the challenges, very often with the support of other people. A case in point is Lun.

Lun is an S5 student with ADHD and dyslexia. When he was younger, his difficulty in the classroom resulted in him developing low self-esteem and consequently, misbehaving. Labeled "a fighting monkey", he was transferred to a school for social development. With the support of his teachers, Lun worked hard and passed his exams. Encouraged by this, he was motivated to try new things, like acting. He turned out to be so good that he won the Best Actor award in a school drama competition and now has ambitions to become a professional actor.

Overcoming these challenges, Lun, along with 19 other young people, won the "CLP Energy for a Brighter Tomorrow" Award which celebrates and promotes a positive attitude to life. The Ceremony will take place this Saturday, 7 July, with each awardee receiving a scholarship of $5,000, along with a year of mentorship and exposures provided by CLP.

How can you help encourage someone?

Visit or contact Hsu Siuman tel 2395 0161 for further details of the award or ways to give youth support together.
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Dragon 100: Cooperation & Development in the Greater Bay Area
Bringing together 100 young Chinese leaders with skills and achievements
Organizer The Dragon Foundation
28 July 2018-4 August 2018
Commissioning ceremony 30 July 2018
Keynote speaker The Hon Patrick Nip, JP Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs
More details click here
Enquiries Mandy Tung 2811 2779
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Hope for Success 2018 partnered by Prudential Hong Kong Ltd
Aim To provide a range of activities that help teenagers explore careers in innovative technology and new industries
Organizer HKFYG Youth Employment network
Participants S3-S6 students
Activities include
Seminar with guests speaking on trends in emerging industries
Dream tech exploration and presentation
Dates Ongoing till September 2018
More details
Enquiries Leona Law 3113 7999

Turning Point Youth Improvement Award 2018 supported by
Lions Club of Tsuen Wan

Aims To reward 8 former young delinquents and vulnerable youth who turned their lives away from stealing, drugs, gangs and other criminal behaviours
Funding for publication from the Lions Club of Tsuen Wan Charity Foundation
Organizer HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre
Ceremony 23 June 2018 at HKFYG Building
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Enquiries Lee Lok-man 2396 4711

Study tour on food culture in Greater Bay Area: HKFYG Youth Ambassador Programme partnered by Commission on Youth
Dates 3-4 August and 22-23 September 2018
Participants 15-25 year-olds
D.I.Y. cooking with local ingredients in Zhongshan and Dongguan
Learning about traditional food culture from local housewives
Visit Tao Heung: the hotpot cuisine company
More details
Enquiries Joanne Lam 3586 8448
Just Published
YHK June 2018: Taking the Lead
Heralding the launch of the new HKFYG Leadership Institute, this issue focuses on leadership training, the roles of "followers" and the debate about innate leadership qualities.
Online at
Be seen in all Hong Kong's schools: place your advert in Youth Hong Kong NOW!
Call for rates and subscriptions Ada Chau 3755 7108

Two new reports from HKFYG Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank
» Liberal studies education: Number 30
94.4% of teachers believed that liberal studies nurtured thinking from multiple perspectives and 83.3% of young people agree.
Minuses Time-consuming lesson preparation, modes of assessment and coordination
Resource centres: EDB collaboration with local universities
Handbook on concept building blocks
Special teacher training courses
Annual HK$HK200,000 subsidies for teaching assistants
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Enquiries Chan Shui-ching 3755 7040

» Encouraging employment for young-old: Number 31
71.7% support the idea of jobs for the young-old; 28.1% think there should be no upper limit on working age.
Few worry about effects on young people's career opportunities.
Benefits include new goals and a better social life for young-olds.
Problems include lack of new skills, negative image, complicated worker insurance procedures and insufficient flexible jobs to meet needs.
Recommendations Government provision of flexible job openings for retired people and career planning schemes
More details
Enquiries Amy Yuen 3755 7037