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What drives innovation?
It is said that innovation comes from a shift in perspective. It is the ability to see something that is not quite there yet. It also requires curiosity, flexibility, adaptation and, most important, the strength to fail ...more
Youth Matters Winners 2017 HKFYG Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest Grand Final
Youth Matters Congratulations to the winners at "Wanted: Your Pitch For Our Funds" - pitching competition ...more
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Youth Matters Youth IDEAS think tank report on survey of primary pupils' views on STEM education ...more
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Youth Matters 2016/17 Hong Kong GreenMech Contest
Youth Matters HSBC Financial Dialogue Series March-April 2017: local and global financial trends
Youth Matters Sports x Innovation Sportovation Community Service Scheme for 15-25 year-old volunteers
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Youth Matters The Hong Kong Melody Makers - Viva la Vida in the HKFYG Jockey Club Hong Kong a cappella Festival March-June 2017
Youth Matters Working Reality 2.0: multi-session role-play for running a business, team-work, interviewing skills, sales and marketing sponsored by Home Affairs Bureau
Youth Matters Run for Wellness kicks off 5-Year Project STEP of youth emotion wellness education
Youth Matters "Start-up Mixer" at The Entrepreneur Day (E Day) co-organized with The Hong Kong Trade Development Council