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Turning Point Award Videos
What happens when you cannot see any way out of the mess that your life has become and when there really seems to be no hope left? For triad member Ka and drug addict Anna, it was the unconditional love and support of their families.

There are many young people who find themselves caught up in difficult and challenging situations, often resulting in criminal behavior. How these delinquents managed to turn over a new leaf is told in ten new videos from the Youth Crime Prevention Centre, highlighting the Federation's annual Turning Point Award.

Seventeen year-old Ka, a triad and violent criminal, credits his father and teacher with teaching him to be persistent in spite of every failure. With their help, he says, "I will break this cycle."

Anna, 16, ended up in a psychiatric ward due to her drug habit. The only person who visited her, day after day, was her mother. This had a profound effect on Anna who said, "I don't want to hurt her any more."

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To learn more call Wilson Chan, HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre, 3755 7064
What's NEW
Creative Coder Competition for Cantonese and English speaking students
Creative Coder Competition 2017
Promoting STEM education and coding with Arduino multifunction software and hardware, this brand new competition gives inventive young people the chance to practise hands-on design and a range of generic skills.
Entry Deadline 14 December 2016
January-March 2017 Workshops and
Coding Days
July Competition day
Target Senior primary & secondary students
More details

Enquiries Edward Mak 2561 6149

Seeds Project for gifted children
Boosting the interest of gifted children in science and technology, schools are now invited to nominate students to participate in these sequential and interactive workshops at the HKFYG Centre for Creative Science and Technology.
Dates Phases 1 - 3 December 2016-April 2017
Target Gifted senior primary students
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Enquiries Emily Dai 25616149
Coming Soon
"See You Tomorrow"
"See You Tomorrow" HKFYG Gala Premiere
The story of this movie by its director, Zhang Jiajia, went viral within days of release. Legendary bar owner Chen Mo and associate Guan Chun, masters of the art of relationships, are hired by girl-next-door, Xiao Yu, to guide her troubled idol but helping him brings them face to face with their own problems.
Join us for the premiere and make a wonderful Christmas gesture!
Date Thursday 22 December 2016
Venue Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Superstar cast Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Eason Chan, AngelaBaby and Sandrine Pinna
Proceeds For youth, especially the underprivileged and the needy.
Sponsorship package
Enquiries Brenda Yip tel 3755 7101

Ocean Park Hong Kong offers 1,000 free tickets to needy youth and families
Combining entertainment and education, this series of visits is making memories for all beneficiaries.
Target Underprivileged youth and others who rarely get the chance to go to Ocean Park
Dates November-December 2016
Enquiries Brenda Yip tel 3755 7101
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
My First Peak View courtesy of The Peak Tower Ltd & The Peak Tramway Co, Ltd
A wonderful chance to visit some of the city's most famous tourist attractions.
Date 26 November 2016
Target 100 underprivileged children and family members
Organizers HKFYG'S Tai Po Lions Youth SPOT and Tin Shui Youth SPOT to be followed in the coming months by 5 more outings to The Peak organized by other Youth SPOTs.
Enquiries Mandy Tse 3755 7102

Youth! - Don't Gamble! Youth Crime Prevention Centre team welcomes renewed support from Ping Wo Fund
This successful educational gambling prevention programme soon enters its 4th phase.
Anti-gambling services include workshops for young night drifters and apps for Gambling Risk Assessment and Youth Law
Plus exhibition of anti-gambling digital videos & games
Dates December 2016 to January 2018
More details Ken Lee 2702 2202

Mentoring programme for screenwriters sponsored by Film Development Fund
First steps in every outstanding film production begin with an excellent screenplay and this ongoing 1-year programme includes lectures, seminars, workshops and one-to-one tutorials for 5-minute short movies to 90-minute full-length films.
Mentors include well-known screenwriters Lau Tin-chi, Susan Chan Suk-yin, Chan Hing-ka, Tang King-sang, Chan Kiu-ying
More details
Enquiries Josy Lai 3979 0034