Youth Matters
International connections
This summer three programmes have welcomed speakers, guests and participants from all over as far afield as Mexico and Moscow and 14 countries in between. At the same time, the backpackers project sees local young people travel to 24 countries along the Belt and Road ...more
What's NEW
Youth Matters Call for young talent to perform at Café de Coral Music Station-don't miss the shows!
Youth Matters SportsExpo 2016 highlights all the fun of sports and taking exercise together ...more
Coming Soon
Youth Matters Commissioning Ceremony: HKFYG "One Belt, One Road, One Friendship" Backpackers Programme Season 2
Youth Matters Week-long M21 TV programme at Book Fair with 7 well-known public figures ...more
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Youth Matters Kick Away Drugs - HKFYG five-a-side football with full support of Beat Drugs Fund
Youth Matters Stanley camp facelift with new water adventure programme courtesy of Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
Just published
Youth Matters Developing Strategies for Youth Exercise and Sports: new Federation journal ...more