Youth Matters
Understanding Poverty in a Global Context
Summer School for Effective Leadership 2016
"No man is an island" wrote John Donne in 1624. Nearly 400 years later, this could not be any more true. To be a leader in today's world, one must have a global perspective, with comprehensive knowledge and the skills to be able to make informed judgements and form critical analyses on particular issues.

From 25 July to 2 August, 120 high school student leaders from Forms 3 to 6, from Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas, will gather at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) for the Summer School for Effective Leadership: An Overture to Global Leadership 2016. This year's theme is Poverty, and the young participants will focus on this critical issue of global concern through lectures, workshops and up-close and first-hand experience of the lives of the working poor.

This annual event, with different focus topics every year, is organized by the Federation and supported by HKU to build up the intellectual and academic competencies of today's school students in preparation for community service and leadership in the future.

Learn more at or call 2169 0255 for further information.
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What's NEW
Volunteer workshop
VNET: Volunteer workshop with Lam Soon Hong Kong Group
If you know young people who would like to make love-filled cookies, tell them about this class. They will pass on their skills to others, including deprived families.
Age group 14-30
(Tai Po and Tsuen Wan area)
Deadline 10 July 2016
More details
Enquiries Yennie Tsang 2169 0032
Coming Soon
Mainland Volunteer Exchange 2016 in Guangdong Zhongshan Sanxiang township
Mainland Volunteer Exchange 2016
Date 22-23 July 2016
Youth Matters Exchange with mainland youth volunteers
Youth Matters Teaching English to underprivileged children
Fee HK$100: transport Shenzhen-Zhongshan, accommodation, meals, travel insurance
Visas Valid transit visas for China are required
Briefing session 15 July: obligatory
Language Putonghua speakers preferred
Enquiries Doris Lee 3755 7072
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation Ltd sponsors Dragon 100 2016 Exploring Belt and Road Opportunities
Dates 31 July-7 August 2016
Location Hong Kong, Qianhai, Shenzhen and Xian
Youth Matters 2-day Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum in Hong Kong and Qianhai
Youth Matters Meeting government officials, young entrepreneurs
Youth Matters Visits to infrastructure and historical sites
Organizer The Dragon Foundation
Participants Chinese aged 18-40 from Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, US, UK
Sponsor Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation Ltd
Supported by All-China Youth Federation and Shaanxi Youth Federation
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Enquiries Kit Hau 2811 2779
Recent events
Leaders to Leaders Dialogue: connecting, co-creating
Leaders to Leaders
To connect global young leaders with local young leaders to exchange ideas and experience and to co-create positive social impacts locally and globally. A total of 9 global young leaders from 8 countries will visit Hong Kong in early July and late July.
Leaders to Leaders Dialogue Connecting, Co-creating
Target audience local young leaders (young executives, university leaders and secondary school leaders)
Oversea speakers
Dr Theresa DANKOVICH [USA] - Inventor of The Drinkable Book
Mr Maximilian PAZAK [South Africa]: Co-Founder of The Street Store
Mr Mark BUSTOS [USA]- Founder of #BeAwesomeToSomebody Foundation
Date and Time 4 July 2016 7:30pm
Venue HKFYG M21, Shek Pai Wan Shopping Centre, Aberdeen, HK
Free shuttle from Admiralty Station
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Enquiries Rita Fan tel: 2169 0255

HKFYG's third art installation "Our City. Our Dream"
The HKFYG has joined hands with local architect Stanley Siu to co-create the art installation in Hong Kong International Airport. Using 324 bicycle rims, this art installation captures the image of Hong Kong's flower, the bauhinia, which represents an energetic, youthful and whimsical spirit that exemplifies the city.
Dates 6 July - 30 Nov 2016
Venue Hall A, Meeters and Greeters Hall,
Level 5, Terminal 1
Enquiries Miranda Ho 3755 7044
ust published
Youth Hong Kong June 2016
Intergenerational Justice: Youth Hong Kong June 2016
In an ageing society where the needs and wants of different age groups are often diverse and sometimes unbalanced, we look at the implications for the younger generation. Resources, resentments and burdens; misunderstandings, prejudice and obligations: these are among the many concerns discussed.
Enquiries and requests for copies Volume 8 Number 1
Ada Chau 3755 7108 Elaine Morgan 3755 7094
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Help a Friend: new booklet from HKFYG

In response to the student suicide problem, HKFYG and the HKU Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention [CSRP], with Facebook and the Samaritans Hong Kong, have launched this new guide on helping emotionally distressed or suicidal people.
Launch panelists included Mr George Chen, Head of Public Policy, Facebook, Hong Kong & Taiwan and Ms Amy Fong, CEO, Save the Children Hong Kong
More details
Enquiries Hsu Siu-man (HKFYG) 3433 2016 Rickey Yau (CSRP) 2831 5232

Youth SPOT magazine Number 36
Multicultural city: new Youth SPOT magazine explores diversity
Hong Kong has a unique, diverse culture where young people are encouraged to respond creatively to social needs, bringing change for good to their society.
Hard copy Number 36 June 2016 at all HKFYG centres and other outlets
Online at
Enquiries Tiffany Lam 3755 7041

Survey of youth's views on continuous learning: Youth I.D.E.A.S. report no 12
46.0% of the 527 respondents had no future plan for continuous learning, yet considered it a must. Only a third had enrolled in a course in the past 5 years. Why?
Explanations for mismatch
Youth Matters Expensive tuition fees: 19.5%
Youth Matters Scheduling work and learning: 18.0%
Crucial factors
Youth Matters Adding value and upgrading skills: 37.0%
Youth Matters Personal interest: 34.7%
Youth Matters Increased promotion opportunities: 33.0%
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Enquiries Lucy Chan 3755 7042