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Social Innovation Challenge
Social innovation is all about finding a solution to a social problem that can be effective, efficient and sustainable in the long term, thus creating value to society. The four winning startups in the Social Innovation Challenge co-organized by the Federation and the Hong Kong Academy of International Administration, cover healthcare, employment and elderly care ...more
What's NEW
Youth Matters HKFYG China Week 2016 movie: The One Man Olympics
Youth Matters Sports Market and Exhibition of the Development of Sports in China ...more
Coming Soon
Youth Matters Exhibition of "Belt and Road" Chinese Antiques Opening Reception Saturday 25 June 2016
Youth Matters UP Gallery showcases HKFYG Youth SPOT creative art this weekend ...more
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Youth Matters Regal Hotels International collaborate in donation box fundraising campaign
Youth Matters HKFYG Jockey Club Community Team League Award Ceremony with 2,000 participants
Youth Matters Disney Friends for Change service project with Hong Kong Disneyland and Youth Service America: deadline for proposals
Youth Matters Night Markets for young night drifters supported by Sai Kung District Council Social Services & Healthy and Safe City Committee
Youth Matters Renew Homeware: an HKFYG environmental awareness event with JCI