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Popup shops: an entrepreneur's dream
(left to right) SpacePa founders: Jackal Pang,
Alex Fung, Anson Lee
Finding affordable, short-term retail space can be a long and painful process. It is very time-consuming and comparing prices seamlessly is tricky. SpacePa, with over 2,800 registered companies and over 130 retail spaces in Hong Kong, matches up landlords with clients. They also do booth design, write marketing proposals and find temporary staff to look after the shop while clients pop out.

Co-founder Alex Fung says, "It's the AirBnB of retail space for young innovators. We deal in pop-up retail locations for everything from aquaponics to handicrafts. Our goal is to become Asia's leading O2O* platform for small business owners − local and international − while fostering growth in the local economy. The theory is simple, Alex explains, "If we can make it easier for Hong Kong's young entrepreneurs to test their ideas in competitive retail locations that will drive the city's economic growth and that means Hong Kong will continue to enjoy prosperity in future."

SpacePa has been supported by the HKFYG Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre. The Centre provides young entrepreneurs with co-working space, mentorship and networking support.
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*O2O online to offline
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Top organic retailer competition: Vote for our organic farm, vote for health!
HKFYG Organic Farm
The Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre annual competition for retailers is on now. Voting is open until May 31. HKFYG's organic farm has won the award three times running, all because of YOU! Everything grown at the farm is completely natural, no chemicals or genetic modification and carrying the US Department of Agriculture organic seal.
All good for your health and the environment. Help us win again!
Vote now at!blank-3/dunxa
Results in June
More details about the farm
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What's NEW
VNET - giving a sweet day with Lam Soon Hong Kong Group, DayDayCook and Hong Kong Electric
VNET - Give a Sweet Day
In response to the call for action from 2016 Global Youth Service Day, HKFYG's Youth Volunteer Network (VNET) organized Give a Sweet Day. Thanks to support from Lam Soon Hong Kong Group, DayDayCook and Home Management Centre of Hong Kong Electric, young volunteers at cooking workshops learned how to teach others to make sweet desserts. They served pumpkin pudding to over 150 needy families in April. Giving doesn't stop there: the warmth continues as VNET takes love-filled sweets to more deprived families in May and June.
Enquiries Yennie Tsang 2169 0032

Youth SPOT Play Market funded by Children's Rights Education Funding Scheme, Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau
A new fun event coming up for kids this summer. On 21 August there will be open house at the HKFYG Tsuen King Youth SPOT with games, workshops, handicrafts and toys. All free of charge and planned to encourage creative play.
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Play safe with I Safe: Food and Health Bureau funding for MCC safeguards for young internet users
HKFYG Media Counselling Centre (MCC) has support from the Health Care and Promotion Fund of the Food and Health Bureau to organize I Safe, an education project on the proper use of the internet and electronic tablets. Activities include educational talks and workshops for students, teachers and their parents. There will also be training for I Safe ambassadors and community based educational activities during the year.
Dates August 2016 to July 2017
More details
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Summer School for Effective Leadership 2016 TAKES OFF soon!
Summer School for Effective Leadership 2016
Join HKFYG's Summer School for Effective Leadership 2016 and show us how INNOVATIVE you are! This is a platform where you can polish leadership skills, meet elite students from around the world and learn with world-class trainers.
Applications welcome from student leaders worldwide, Secondary 3-6 (Grade 9-12), with interests in leadership, social issues or public speaking
25 July -2 August, University of Hong Kong for HKU Chapter
18-23 July, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for HKUST Chapter
Deadline for enrollment 27 May 2016
More details
Enquiries Leo Leung (HKU Chapter); Johnson Cheung (HKUST Chapter) 2169 0255
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Share your dreams with Prudential Hong Kong & Prudence Foundation
The Hope for Success awards scheme 2016 is co-organized by HKFYG's Youth Employment Network and Prudential Hong Kong Ltd with sponsorship from the Prudence Foundation for students in Secondary 3-6. Outstanding participants on the programme receive funding to support their future careers. The theme is Share Dreams and youth are encouraged to describe their dream career while on the programme. Enrollment on a first-come-first-served basis.
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Support for special needs at Federation Kindergarten from 林清伉儷慈善基金
The HKFYG KK Cheng Kindergarten is grateful to 林清伉儷慈善基金 for their donation. It will fund the school's current SEN Learning Support Programme, enabling the purchase of training services for students in need.
Kindergarten website
Enquiries Iris Sham 3755 7107

Youth Employment Network career expo with many new employers
at Discovery Park

The event in Tsuen Wan last Thursday was a great success, thanks to all our partners. Since we first announced this HKFYG expo, many more partner employers offered their kind cooperation and a full list can now be found here.
More details
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ust published
What Makes Young People Feel Negative? 10th think tank report
from Youth I.D.E.A.S.
Youth I.D.E.A.S. tank report
Nearly two-thirds of the 522 young people surveyed are optimistic about their future with only 5.2% saying they felt pessimistic. However, while over half think Hong Kong has a bright future 19.1% disagree. Respondents in general feel negative about Hong Kong's economy, governance and social issues in particular. 21.2% were prepared to take action to improve policy in these areas but 23.7% believed action would be ineffective.
More details of the study published by HKFYG's Youth Research Centre
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