Youth Matters
Friendship on the Road
Giving young people the opportunity to broaden their horizons is both a passion and commitment of the Federation. Our new multi-faceted initiative, One Belt One Road One Friendship embraces independent travel and exchange, study and learning, art and culture, encouraging and ensuring that youth are able to grab every current possibility.

Come and help us put these young people on the road.

The Belt and Road Initiative* connects economies and supports development along its routes, just as it builds understanding, trust and relationships while deepening connectivity between people.

One Belt One Road One Friendship is putting this into action so that today's young people can be well prepared for tomorrow.

Join us in this exciting project. Why not sponsor educational, learning backpacking trips to cities on the Belt and Road:
To Mainland China HK$20,000 per group
To South Asia HK$30,000 per group
To Europe HK$60,000 per group

Learn more at or call 2169 0255 for further information.

*The Belt and Road Initiative was emphasized in this year's Policy Address.
More details can be found at
What's NEW
Calling all parents: series of talks about career guidance with VTC
VTC Parents Talks
Want to help your son or daughter excel and reach full potential? This series of free talks is being co-organized by the VTC with HKFYG for parents who want to know more about young people's needs, their use of social media and options for further study and careers.
Dates, venues, speakers
19 March HK Institute of Vocational Education (Haking Wong) with Ms Annie Ho Clinical Psychologist
9 April HKFYG Building with Mr Joseph Tsang, Chair, HK Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters
23 April Mei Foo Community Hall with Dr Benjamin Wat Registered Family Therapist
Time 2.30-4.30pm all dates
Online registration
More details

Enquiries Constance Hon 2490 2662

Jade Art Mega Spring Sale starting this Saturday
Jade Art will soon be holding a big sale with selected items up to 50% off. Don't miss this rare chance to buy a favourite item from the HKFYG social enterprise. Perhaps a surprise gift for a loved one or a little present for yourself.
Meet the designer Dr Lisa Cheung on Saturday and Sunday, 26-27 March. Hear her views on beautiful, uniquely designed jewellery.
Address PMQ Block A, Shop S511
Dates 19 March-3 April
Opening hours 1pm - 8pm
More details
Enquiries Mandy Tse 3755 7102
Coming Soon
The Taste of Youth: an HKFYG film from award-winning director King-wai Cheung
The Taste of Youth film
This series of nine conversations with young people about contemporary Hong Kong is part of the 40th Hong Kong International Film Festival. It will be shown on Sunday 3 April 2016 at 5pm in Sha Tin Town Hall and at Broadway & UA cinemas around the city from 14 April till 26 June.
Dates 14 April - 26 June 2016
More details
Enquiries Katy Lok 3979 0099
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Citywalk Easter Carnival fun and games
HKFYG is the beneficiary of an Easter Carnival in Citywalk shopping mall. Make a small donation, play on this machine….
Citywalk Carnival Giant Claw Machine
… and win Easter eggs and other gifts. Fun for all the family, with shows and workshops organized in the mall by the Federation's Cultural Services Unit and HKFYG Youth SPOTs.
Dates 19 March-4 April.
Venue Citywalk, Tsuen Wan
Enquiries Brenda Yip 3755 7101

Fishing Unlimited: music competition with Hoi Kee Ho
Concerned about over-fishing? Pass on this message: HKFYG's Tin Shui Youth SPOT has received a donation from seafood supplier Hoi Kee Ho and is organizing a creative music competition in support of the ban on over-fishing. Young people are welcome to send in original compositions with music plus lyrics that promote sustainable seafood and marine development.
Deadline 10 April 2016
Target 12-35 year-olds
More details
Enquiries Wu Wai-chuen 2448 7474
ust published
Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank report no. 8
Motivating students to learn: Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank report no. 8
This study with 995 respondents is about an instructional technique called the "flipped classroom." The approach involves short video lectures viewed by students at home and time in class devoted to exercises, projects and discussions. Half of those polled had experienced this approach and 50% of them thought it helped independent learning and was good for contributions in class.
Full details
Enquiries Lucy Chan 3755 7042