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Happy New Year!
Wishing all our partners, donors and friends the very best for 2016
2015 has been an energetic, constructive year at HKFYG, with plenty of new programmes and projects, a new Social Innovation Centre, and a number of exciting initiatives and plans to pursue in the year ahead ...more
Outstanding Youth Volunteers Award 2015
Youth Matters Well done to all outstanding volunteers ...more
Coming Soon
HKFYG Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre
Youth Matters Opening Ceremony of the HKFYG Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre
Youth Matters Launch of new life planning programme from YEN with taster workshop and career choice boardgame ...more
Hong Kong Christmas Tree
Youth Matters A Hong Kong Christmas Tree: all lit up with common purpose
Youth Matters Mothers as mediation ambassadors in PCMC parenting programme ...more
Just Published
Youth SPOT magazine Number 33
Youth Matters Youth SPOT magazine Number 33 December 2015
Youth Matters New Youth IDEAS think tank report ...more
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Youth Matters One-Minute Short Inspirational Film Project at M21 with Lee Hysan Foundation and TVB
Youth Matters Fun day for over 530 underprivileged children at Disneyland in January
Youth Matters New transport for night youth outreach team