Youth Matters
Age: shifting the balance
As Hong Kong's population is ageing and the balance between the generations shifts, many critical issues concerning young people in particular come to the fore: responsibility for care, retirement schemes, social protection and government support.

These concerns and young people's attitudes to ageing are explored in a new survey report by the Federation's youth think tank.* The majority of young people who responded believe it is their job to look after elderly family members, even if it means putting them in care homes. Young people are also concerned about pensions and their own futures.

Read more of the survey results, and join in the conversation to ensure that Hong Kong's ageing society does not become a liability to its youth.

*See Just published in this issue for more on the report.
Turning Point Youth Improvement Awards 2015
Don't Give Up: Turning Point Youth Improvement Awards 2015
Bravo to the ten young people who were given recognition last month for the remarkable changes they made. All faced up to personal challenges concerned with crime, sex, drugs or violence. The awards ceremony on 29 August 2015 had Mr Lo Wai-chung, Commissioner of Police, as the Guest of Honour and about 100 guests, including district leaders, school principals, police representatives, parents and professionals.
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Enquiries HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre tel 8100 9669
What's NEW
Talk about youth depression organized on
Schoolike talk about youth depression
At a time when youth depression and suicide are a serious concern, the Federation's School Youth Work services is organizing a talk entitled Don't Underestimate Depression in Schoolchildren on its "" platform. Artist, Ms Maggie Cheung and specialist in psychiatry, Dr Henry Cheung will share their views with parents, teachers and social workers.
Date & time 23 September 2015 3.30 to 5pm
Venue 25/F, HKFYG Building
Deadline 18 September
Enquiries Chung Cheng 2788 3433
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Organic Farm Hampers
Hampers from HKFYG's Organic Farm for Mid-Autumn Festival
Order your selection of 5 catties of healthy organic produce now!
Price HK$500-$530
Delivery free (except to outlying islands)
Order deadline 18 September
Payment by credit card, bank transfer at ATM or cheque
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Tin-sang 2838 4808
1 Minute in 1 Day: Loving Family Short Film Competition at M21
More than 90 entries were received for this competition for a short film made in just 24-hours. Each team received sponsorship of HK$3,000 from the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation. The judges were Mr Sam Chan and Ms Lorraine Liu, both well-known professionals in Hong Kong's TV and advertisement industry and awards were made in various sections at a ceremony took place on 29th August at M21. Get a taste of the winning videos such as Dinner Is Ready For You which took the Gold prize in the Open Section.
View at
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Science competition champions visit Japan sponsored by Innovation & Technology Fund
HKSSPC winners in Japan
Champion teams from this year's HKFYG Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition (HKSSPC) went on an ITC (Innovation and Technology Commission) -sponsored exchange programme to Japan in late August. Breakthroughs in Japanese scientific research were highlights of visits to Osaka University, KEK (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization), the "Future Museum" (Miraikan) and the National Museum of Nature and Science.
Supported by Innovation and Technology Commission & Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
HKSSPC jointly organized by Education Bureau and Hong Kong Science Museum.
Enquiries Kimpton So 2561 6149
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Project ADSF with Beat Drugs Fund at Youth Crime Prevention Centre
HKFYG's Youth Crime Prevention Centre is running Project ADSF [Anti-Drug Strengthening Families] till April 2017 in all Hong Kong's districts in partnership with the Beat Drugs Fund programme. The aim is to enhance skills of families who have an adolescent drug abuser or young person at risk among them. There are a series of tailor-made activities including preventive education and counselling.
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Enquiries Wilson Chan 3755 7064

A Fresh Start: Yuen Long District Council Fund of Promoting Arts & Culture
From now until December 2015 HKFYG's Jockey Club Tin Yuet Youth SPOT has funding from Yuen Long District Council for programmes promoting classical music. Training workshops, a youth concert and a musical competition are all included. The main targets are underprivileged youth and classical music lovers in Tin Shui Wai and the estimated number of participants and audience combined is expected to be about 4,000.
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Enquiries Emily Man 2445 5777

Environment and Conservation Fund backs M21's Green programmes
M21 has funding from the Environment and Conservation Fund for its Green Channel and HKFYG Go Green programme from October this year till March 2019.
Enquiries James Mok 3979 0000
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Just Published
What can the younger generation do for an aged society: new report from the youth think tank
15% of HK's population is 65 or older and this survey reports that 30% of the young respondents were worried about life after retirement. Of these, almost 67% were worried about their funds, 54% were concerned about their health and 38% about loneliness. Over half thought it was a family responsibility to take care of the elderly and nearly two-thirds said they would choose home care for their parents. Nearly 60% said they would be willing to contribute 1%-15% of their income to the proposed universal retirement protection scheme but 18% were unwilling to contribute anything.
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Enquiries Chan Shui-ching 3755 7040