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CoCreate Hong Kong
Co-Create Hong Kong
Communities progress when their youth are engaged and provided with opportunities that inspire optimism for the future. With this belief deeply entrenched in our mission, the Federation introduces a new initiative called "CoCreate Hong Kong".

Focusing on four platforms, Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship and the Sharing of Ideas, young people are invited and in fact encouraged to get involved. The platforms enable them not only to offer their own perspectives on how they would like to see their futures, but more importantly, facilitate them to take direct action to see it accomplished.

The future belongs to youth. It is our responsibility to support them. Today.

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A cappella Musical Dinner 2015
A cappella Musical Dinner: 19 March 2015 at The Hong Kong Country Club
Featuring the Jabberwocks from the US, SLIXS from Germany, and EXIT from Korea, plus the HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers, the annual dinner is a great occasion for enjoying a cappella skills from around the word. Calling now for Table Patrons to support this event! HK$30,000 for a table for ten. Contact Brenda, tel 3755 7102 for further details or click here.
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Successful associate degree work training programme with Kerry Properties
Associate degree work training programme with Kerry Properties
HKFYG's Youth Employment Network (YEN) launched a new initiative last year, in collaboration with Kerry Properties and the Labour Department. This was our first tailor-made employment trainee programme for Associate Degree holders. Kerry Properties took on 15 of the 250 applicants as trainees for customer service duties in residential and retail buildings and 6 months later, 9 of them were hired as skilled staff. Call Gary, tel 3113 7999 for further details of this and other fruitful YEN programmes.
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
The Moody's Foundation supports 2-year project for Community Maths Classrooms
Not every child has an aptitude for maths. For those who cannot afford extra classes this can have seriously detrimental long-term consequences. To help them, with support from The Moody's Foundation, HKFYG is establishing Community Maths Classrooms at Ping Shek and Cheung Wah Youth SPOTs. Tutors and volunteers, both online and on site, will be on standby in this 2-year project which will benefit about 800 underprivileged students. Contact Phoenix, tel 3755 7066, for more details.

Recycling at HKFYG Youth SPOTs
Recycling is becoming a lifelong habit in Hong Kong. To encourage the trend, HKFYG, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Department set up a Community Recycling Network with recycling bins at 20 of its Youth SPOTs. The project, now into its third year, has collected more than 20,000kg of recyclables so far, including clean plastic containers, glass, and small electrical or electronic equipment. Souvenirs and gifts such as towels, cutlery, food and stationery, are offered in return for certain quantities. Contact William, tel 3755 7110, or visit for details.
Just Published
Risky, illegal, youth employment: Youth Crime Prevention Centre study
Youth Crime Prevention Centre study
Vulnerable young people are tempted by illegal, risky work and the HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre (YCPC) conducted 151 interviews to find out why. The lure of cash, freedom to choose working hours, and the unlikelihood of arrest persuaded them, as well as triad friends or undesirable influences among peers. 70% were under 15 when they first did risky or illegal jobs. YCPC recommends more primary and secondary education on being law-abiding. Experiential job programmes for those with lower education levels and lack job skills and motivation would also help. More details of the study findings released this month at and the Youthlaw app, or contact Wilson, tel 3755 7064.

Youth Values: HKFYG publishes findings of 2014 survey
The main purpose of the survey was to investigate and analyze the orientation and values of Hong Kong youth today. On the positive side, there was increased confidence in employment prospects and starting up in business, as well in putting creativity to good use. On the other hand, youth thought corruption was growing in Hong Kong and that the freedom of the press was declining. There was a slight drop in the belief that being law-abiding was essential, a significant decrease in optimism about Hong Kong's prospects, and a fall in those who believed that their opinion would make any difference to government policy.

HKFYG "Indicators of Youth Values 2014" was released on 12 January 2015. The survey of 531 15-39 year-olds was conducted from 27 August - 16 September 2014. Click here for more information or call Queenie, tel 3755 7042.

DSE e-magazine highlights super study skills, overseas education and local courses
DSE e-magazine
The sixth issue of DSE e-magazine has just been release. It has an interview: Super Girls-Super Study Skills and tips on overseas study in South Korea. Other topics include career planning from the perspective of market trends, HKU SPACE Community College and courses at HKUST's School of Business and Management and School of Engineering. This bi-monthly is produced by the HKFYG Study Planning Centre and covers information on further studies, career planning and counselling. Go to
or call Cecilia, tel 3979 0099, for more details.

How youth perceive parents: survey from Youth Research Centre
87% of young respondents in a new HKFYG survey felt loved by their parents and over half view them as role models, but almost 40% say their parents don't understand them. 20% have regular confrontations and 10% say their parents seem like strangers. Parental involvement was least wanted in social life, education and academic performance, and dating. Nevertheless, over 85% respect and trust their parents, and nearly 95% say they will care for them in old age. Findings were released in December 2014. Chinese press release at: