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HKFYG HSBC Youth Business Award
Another Choice, Another Opportunity
Entrepreneurship is at the heart of innovative growth and employment, moving economies forward. Young people play an important role in this journey. The Federation supports entrepreneurship as another choice and encourages young people to consider this option as another opportunity. Therefore, we are very excited about this year's HKFYG HSBC Youth Business Award, currently underway, with the top five 5 finalists now being selected ...more
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Green Working Week at HKFYG
Youth Matters Dress green, eat green, travel green and get a green snap on facebook for HKFYG's Green Working Week at HKFYG
Youth Matters Heart to Heart Project companies and schools join hands to promote the spirit of volunteering ...more
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Barclays Young Entrepreneurs Sharing Session
Youth Matters Young Entrepreneurs Sharing Session: from app to venture capital ...more
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Youth Matters Healthy Internet Video Contest with OFNAA and M21
Youth Matters Tai Mei Tuk Outdoor Activities Centre supported by Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation
Youth Matters Join the selection of finalists for HKFYG HSBC Youth Business Award 2014
Youth Matters Exclusive discounts in mega "back to school" sale of ASUS tablets and notebook computers till 17 October