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Turning Point-Youth Improvement Award 2014
The Turning Point-Youth Improvement Award 2014
The latest statistics show a fall in Hong Kong's overall, juvenile and youth crimes in the past year, due to success in prevention and detection. But can one ever completely break away from crime or drugs or inappropriate sexual behaviour? It certainly is not easy, but eight young people who have made the effort have been recognized by the Turning Point - Youth Improvement Award ...more
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Hong Kong Melody Makers win "Best Vocal" award
Youth Matters HKFYG's Hong Kong Melody Makers singer wins "Best Vocal" award ...more
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HKFYG's Organic Farm
Youth Matters Celebrate a prosperous mid-autumn festival with hampers from HKFYG's Organic Farm ...more
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Thank you partners
Youth Matters Hang Seng Bank - Leaders to Leaders Lecture Series 2014: Lecture 6
Youth Matters Centre for Creative Science and Technology supported by Innovation and Technology Fund
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