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"Simply English" on M21
"Simply English" on M21
Being able to express yourself well in a second language is a gift, but for many Hong Kong young people it's also a chore. M21's programme, "Simply English" takes out the effort. It has just been launched and the one-minute videos help you get simple English right.

Take the expressions, "I beg your pardon?" "Sorry?" and "I didn't catch that." All of them mean, "Please repeat what you just said." However, choosing the right one can make the difference between being helped and being misunderstood. It's all a question of the right idiom.

Summer vacations are ideal for brushing up on language skills, especially if holidaying overseas. With the right colloquialisms and catch phrases you can impress your hosts and your friends, as well as feeling more confident. M21's "Simply English" is viewable at

Learn the phrases off by heart and you'll soon be over the moon!
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Summer Wudang Kungfu Training in Hong Kong precedes challenge to physique and willpower on winter Wudang exchange tour
Wudang Kungfu Training in Hong Kong
At this month's Wudang Kungfu Training Camp in Sai Kung from 13-25 July, with sponsorship from The Dragon Foundation, over 90 young people successfully completed kungfu training given by coaches from the Wudang Kung Fu Academy, Hubei Province. In December, a follow-up trip to Wudang Mountain will offer further training in martial arts as well as Daoist beliefs and culture, sponsored by The Commission on Youth Community Participation Scheme for Organising Exchange Tours to the Mainland 2014-15. For more details, call Stanley, tel 3586 8448.

Hong Kong 200 focuses on social innovation
and migrant mainland workers' children

The Hong Kong 200 Leadership Project aims to create a talent pool by nurturing local youth leaders. This year, it will take about 100 Hong Kong students to Guangzhou from 3-7 August to offer help to migrant workers' children in collaboration with mainland NGOs. The Guest Speaker will be Mr Liao Qinan, Executive Director of Guangdong Region, Teach for China. The trip complements training in Hong Kong from June-October with talks on social innovation by experts and outstanding past participants. More information from William Chung or Betty Tse tel 2169 0255.
Thank YOU partners
Thank you partners
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation offers complimentary tickets for The Fault In Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars is a movie about two witty teenagers who met and fell in love at a cancer support group. With disdain for the conventional, their love sweeps them along on an unforgettable journey. At MCL Kornhill Cinema, on 23 July, 40 lucky HKFYG app users had the chance to see the film free of charge, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Contact Miranda Ho, tel 3755 7044, for more information.

Coca-Cola Foundation skipping through the summer
Rope skipping is a high energy activity for everyone who wants to burn calories and get fit, so HKFYG and the Coca-Cola Foundation are co-organizing The Coca-Cola Foundation Skipping to Happiness Programme this summer. 16 Youth SPOTs all over Hong Kong have joined the programme from April to August with more than 180 hours of activities. They include training courses, fun corners and demo performances with over 500 teenagers. For more details, please contact Wan Cho-leong, tel 27022202.

Strengthening life planning in partnership with Li Ka Shing Foundation "Love HK Your Way"
HKFYG's Youth Employment Network (YEN) is launching Career Counselling in School this September. It's in response to a new government initiative to provide all local secondary schools with additional resources to strengthen career and life planning education. A YEN pilot scheme in 4 schools has been in place since March with Li Ka Shing Foundation "Love HK Your Way" programme support. Now, individual counselling for every Secondary 5 student making the transition from school to work is the goal. Contact Crystal, tel 3113 7999 for more details.
Symposium for students co-organized by Vocational Training Council and DSE@27771112
VTC symposium for students
On 7 July, in advance of the release of DSE public examinations results, HKFYG's DSE@27771112 co-organized a symposium with the Vocational Training Council (VTC) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Mr Leung Yam-shing, Assistant Executive Director, VTC, spoke about VTC courses, Mr Gary Tang of HKFYG talked about youth in business, then artist, Ms J Arie, described her dream as a singer. About 600 parents and students took part. Parallel workshops on recent trends in the job market, parents' support for DSE students and career planning followed. All these plus mock interviews conducted by the VTC were geared specifically to the needs of 2014 DSE candidates. Contact Cecilia, tel 2788 3433, for more details.
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Mobile phones are youth's most popular digital reading devices
HKFYG survey on digital reading
A new HKFYG survey shows that an overwhelming majority of youth read online news, fiction, magazines and comic books and most of them use their mobile phones to do so. For enjoyabililty, they gave e-reading 6.3 points out of 10. Over 70% thought the availability of digital material could increase the breadth of their reading and over 60% said they would read more as a result. A full Chinese press release for this first of a new HKFYG poll series about youth behaviour online is at 500+ young people aged 10-24 took part. Contact Sharon, tel 3755 7039 for further details.