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Young People Dialogue with Secretary for Housing and Transport
Securing a place to live and setting up an independent household is becoming increasingly challenging for young people today. Single youth have low priority for public rental housing, and are forced into the expensive private market ...more
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Youth Matters Very Hong Kong in the Eyes of the Young: HKFYG Co-Create Hong Kong campaign video and photo competition: deadline 11 October ...more
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Youth Matters Launch of new series of Luncheon Seminars on youth issues with study of government loans for young people under 30 ...more
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Thank you partners
Thank you partners
Youth Matters HSBC Financial Dialogue Series 2013: a bi-annual programme with local business students
Youth Matters HKFYG partners Innovation and Technology Commission for InnoTech Month 2013 starting 18 October
Youth Matters Funding from HKCPEC for Youth Learning Project on Pacific Economic Cooperation 2013 for M21
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Youth Matters New poll from HKFYG about online learning reveals popularity but also reservations ...more