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New Federation kindergarten
in Ngau Tau Kok
KK Cheng Kindergarten
Setting a solid foundation in the educational life of a child is a mission to which the Federation has long been committed. It is therefore with great pleasure that we celebrate the opening of our third kindergarten this week. The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups KK Cheng Kindergarten, located at Choi Tak Estate, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon, is whole-day school for children aged 3-6.

Sponsored by the Verdant Foundation, the KK Cheng Kindergarten emphasizes all-round language development and active learning while nurturing good manners, discipline, creativity and social skills. It has a NET (Native English Teacher) and a Putonghua teacher, thus offering the little ones a truly multilingual environment, where focus will be not only on book learning, but on good manners, discipline, creativity and social skills.

With a floor area of just under 800m2 the school offers a stage amongst its modern, high-tech, innovative facilities, ideal for building confidence and sparking creative potential. Ms Kitty So, the Principal, has over 10 years experience as a head and was previously in charge of the HKFYG Ching Lok Kindergartens. All the teachers are fully qualified, and counseling for both parents and pupils can be given if needed by a school social worker.

Contact Iris, tel 3755 7107, for more details of any of the Federation's educational facilities.
What's new
YBHK and worldwide delegates arrive at YBI Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit in London
Andrew Devenport, Chief Executive of YBI
Hosted by Youth Business International (YBI) in London from 9-12 September, the YBI Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit brings together hundreds of YBI members, youth entrepreneurship champions, policy experts and involved citizens from 50 countries. The theme is Business Unusual and high profile speakers include UK government officials plus leaders from the World Bank and the business sector. HRH The Prince of Wales, the President of YBI, welcomed the delegation at St James's Palace. HKFYG established Youth Business Hong Kong in 2005 as the first local one-stop scheme providing interest-free seed money, mentorship and business support to encourage youth entrepreneurship. To know more, go to Go to or contact Miranda, for further details of YBHK.

Mooncakes and gifts for the poor, elderly and needy in Shatin, Tai Po and Fanling

4 HKFYG Youth SPOTs, in Lung Hang, Jat Min, Tai Po and Cheung Wah, are taking part in the Neighbourhood Mooncake Festival on Sunday 15 September. 190 volunteers will visit 400 needy families and elderly people in Shatin, Tai Po and Fanling, taking gift sets, toys and boxes of mooncakes with them, for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. Contact Polly, tel 2698 5565, for more information.
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Hong Kong Melody Makers at Cafe 21 this coming Saturday with two a cappella shows from tea time through supper
Hong Kong Melody Makers at Cafe 21
At the HKFYG Cafe 21 this coming Saturday, 14 September, the Hong Kong Melody Makers (HKMM) will be singing numbers from their delightful repertoire of Chinese a cappella pop songs dating back to late 80's. The matinee begins at 1.30pm and the evening show starts at 7pm. Both shows last a couple of hours. Tickets, with a meal/drink, are now on sale for $120 /$80 respectively. Seats are limited! Book now on the HKMM booking hotline, 5530 7245. Go to for more details.

UP Theatre showcases HKFYG Youth SPOT dance projects on 20 October at Tsuen Wan Town Hall
Eleven HKFYG Youth SPOTs are organizing a special programme called the UP Theatre to showcase Federation dance projects. The event takes place on Sunday 20 October in the Tsuen Wan Town Hall, starting at 7.30pm. Over 200 young people will perform ballet, Jazz Funk, Korean Dance and Hip Hop. An audience of over 1,000 is expected. For more details please contact Ken Hui HKFYG Jockey Club Verbena Youth SPOT, tel 2997 0321.
Thank you partners
Thank you partners
Summer Artwork Fair 2013 shows off work by talented Tin Shui Wai ladies in project sponsored by Social Welfare Department and Hongkong Bank Foundation
On Saturday 31 August at the Tin Yuet YOUTH SPOT, ladies in the area took part in a Summer Artwork Fair 2013 (美麗由手創-藝墟活動) with dozens of young people and volunteers. They celebrated a community participation project called TIME for Women with HSBC staff and volunteers. This project supports hundreds of needy people and is, in its turn, supported by the SWD Partnership Fund for Disadvantaged and the Hongkong Bank Foundation. Go to or contact Charis, tel 2445 5777, for further details of this meaningful programme.

Vote for HKFYG's Dancing for Hong Kong in the Co-create Hong Kong campaign sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
HKFYG's Dancing for Hong Kong is part of Co-create Hong Kong, the Federation's contribution to the Hong Kong Our Home Campaign for which we have The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust as the major sponsor. Dancing for Hong Kong invited teams to take part in a Street Flash Dance Mob in August as well as the Joint Schools Dance Competition. The competition Finals are in Maritime Square on 22 September and the Street Flash Dance Mob videos are on the web. Please vote for them! To vote, go to Deadline for voting: 11:59pm, 22 September. 10 people who vote for us in the Highest Popularity Award will receive $300 in clothing gift coupons. Contact Michelle, tel 2395 5753, for more info.

Be a Volunteer Now: HKFYG co-organizes Volunteer Expo with HSBC and AVS
From Monday 16 September - Friday 27 September, (except 20 September), from 8am-8pm at the Ground plaza of HSBC Main Building in Central, HKFYG with HSBC and the Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) is enabling 25 charity organizations to appeal for volunteers of all ages. Come and find out about voluntary work. For example, as an online peer counsellorwith Youthline 2777 8899, as a helper at the HKFYG Organic Farm, as a mentor for youth-at-risk, or as an English tutor at the HKFYG Wing Ling Residence. HKFYG will have 2 booths to promote the Federation's voluntary services and its Easy Volunteer registration website at Contact Anna, tel 2169 0032, for further details.

HKFYG made beneficiary of student charity show at Y-Theatre
The Federation was a beneficiary of the 4th Annual Colours of Life Charity Show, organized by King's College London Public Awareness and Social Service Society, also known as KCL PASS. This society is run by a group of Hong Kong students at KCL, with the aim of promoting community involvement among students like themselves. The successful show was held on 5 August 2013 at Y-Theatre in Youth Square and these talented, warm-hearted young people raised over HK$50,000 to support the Federation's work. For details, please contact Bonnie, tel 3755 7101.

Pedal Forward to a Brighter Future: a Campaign sponsored by Dah Sing Life Assurance Co Ltd and supported by Wong Kam-po that takes cycling for youth to Noah's Ark
To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday 20 September at Noah's Ark, Ma Wan, Dah Sing Life Assurance Co Ltd is sponsoring a cycling and orienteering campaign called Pedal Forward to a Brighter Future. Giving positive energy to young people on the day will be Wong Kam-po, BBS MH, Hong Kong's world champion and now coach for the Hong Kong cycling team. He will talk about training and his experience, encouraging the use of bike transport and learning about low carbon living. Young participants will include Tin Shui and Cheung Wah Youth S.P.O.T. members plus HKFYG volunteers. After the event, 25 bicycles donated by Dah Sing Life Assurance Co Ltd will be given away to 25 young members from the Youth S.P.O.Ts. Contact Chuen, tel 2448 7474 for full details.
On your desk soon
New Youth Hong Kong magazine focuses on dyslexia, AD/HD and Asperger's: catering for students' special educational needs
The September issue of Youth Hong Kong, HKFYG's English magazine, is on learning difficulties such as dyslexia, AD/HD and Asperger's syndrome: the problems they cause for students and parents and the ways in which Hong Kong's educators and specialists are helping them cope. Updates and features by young writers on poverty, food waste, reading and health. Printed copies on your desk soon. Online and mobile friendly also available this month. Go to for past issues. email to request.