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Reaching a Turning Point
The Turning Point - Youth Improvement Award
For Dickson, it took the dying wish of his father and now he cares for his brother and sister. For Yuki, it took a near death experience from a drug overdose and now she knows who cares for her. What got them past these turning points? ...more
Youth Matters Well done to Youth Business Hong Kong start-ups Teaspoon Ltd and Takon Product Development Ltd ...more
Teaspoon Ltd and Takon Product Development Ltd
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Youth Matters Vote for On Air! NeighbourhoodFirst: an HKFYG musical for broadcast ...more
NeighbourhoodFirst musical
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Youth Matters The Airport Ambassadors Farewell & Welcome Ceremony ...more
Airport Ambassadors

Thank you partners
Thank you partners
Youth Matters Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme 2013/14 awards and kick-off
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Youth Matters Youth SPOT magazine Number 19 August 2013
Youth Matters Conflict between Hong Kong parents and adolescents: new telephone poll survey from HKFYG's Youth Research Centre ...more
Youth SPOT magazine Number 19