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Reaching a Turning Point
The Turning Point - Youth Improvement Award
For Dickson, it took the dying wish of his father amd now he cares for his brother and sister. For Yuki, it took a near death experience from a drug overdose and now she knows who cares for her. What got them past these turning points?

Dickson and Yuki are two of eight young recipients of The Turning Point - Youth Improvement Award. Given by The HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre, these awards recognize the efforts of those who have dramatically turned their lives away from drugs, gangs and other criminal behaviour to become law abiding, contributing members of society.

Dickson, Yuki and the other six award winners not only changed their own lives, but by their example, they serve as inspiration to others, showing that it is always possible to lead a more positive life. For more details on The Turning Point - Youth Improvement Award contact Tsz-ching, tel 2487 6151 or go to
Well done to Youth Business Hong Kong start-ups Teaspoon Ltd and Takon Product Development Ltd
Teaspoon Ltd and Takon Product Development Ltd
Keo Wu and Roy Chen of Teaspoon Ltd, and Jerry Lee and Joe Wong of Takon Product Development Ltd, have been awarded a PolyU Micro Fund 2013 (Entrepreneurship Stream) of $100,000 each in recognition of their good business proposals. Both companies have been supported by HKFYG's youth entrepreneur support scheme, Youth Business Hong Kong while developing their stationery and gifts businesses. Takon's POSTalk brand features high quality gifts and premium products combining traditional Chinese paper craftsmanship with local cultural elements. Teaspoon Ltd is a creative design workshop. Its Mini City series shows parts of Hong Kong, raising awareness of urban renewal. For details, contact Miranda Wong, tel 3113 7999.
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NeighbourhoodFirst musical
Vote for On Air! NeighbourhoodFirst: an HKFYG musical for broadcast
An application for broadcast of the Federation's popular musical, Neigbhourhood! Stand By You, is under consideration by the Radio Television Hong Kong Pilot Project Community Involvement Broadcasting Service. The first live performance of this musical, created by 100 youth, went on stage in 2012. Successful in the first round, it is now open for public voting until 1 September 2013. Just go to and LIKE Neighbourhood First. All of us have neighbours and it's high time we showed some togetherness. VOTE for us! Call Jolene, tel 24455777 for more details.
Current events
The Airport Ambassadors Farewell & Welcome Ceremony
Airport Ambassadors
Yesterday morning, 28 August, the Airport Ambassadors Farewell & Welcome Ceremony, celebrated the appointment of a new batch of energetic young people as Hong Kong International Airport Ambassadors. The event was jointly organized by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), the Labour Department and HKFYG in the Grand Ballroom of the Regal Airport Hotel. Guests of Honour were Mr CK Ng, Executive Director, Airport Operations, Airport Authority, Mr Cheuk Wing-hing, JP, Commissioner of Labour, and Mr Kenneth Chen Wei-on, SBS, Council member of HKFYG. Contact Chi Wai, tel 3113 7999, for more details.
Thank you partners
Thank you partners
Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme 2013/14 awards and kick-off
The Appointment and Awards Ceremony of the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme 2013/14 took place on 19 August in the Auditorium at the HKFYG Building. Miss Rosanna Law, JP, Acting Commissioner for Tourism; Dr Peter Tsoi Ting-kwok, JP, President of HKFYG, Dr Peter Lam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board and Mr Buston Chu, Chairman of the Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence were officiating guests at the ceremony. Outstanding Young Ambassadors were given awards and 223 new Young Ambassadors were appointed with the mission of passing on the torch of hospitality among the local community and overseas. The Scheme is organized jointly by the Tourism Commission and HKFYG, with collaboration from the Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence. Last year, nearly 1,300,000 tourists were served by the Young Ambassadors who contributed over 25,000 service hours. Contact Gigi for more details, tel 2169 0032.
Just published
Youth SPOT magazine Number 19
Youth SPOT magazine Number 19 August 2013
The new issue of Youth SPOT magazine is now available. It focuses on politeness, how to behave well in a variety of contexts, at home and at work, when eating and when greeting. Hard copy available in all HKFYG outlets and centres. Call Tiffany for information, tel 3755 7041.

Conflict between Hong Kong parents and adolescents: new telephone poll survey from HKFYG's Youth Research Centre
Hong Kong's fiercely competitive environment and fast-changing internet-dominated world have their impact on parent-adolescent relationships. The Federation's Youth Research Centre targeted young HKFYG members and parents for this two-part survey on the conflicts that can harm family life. Data was gathered from May to June this year through an online survey of 845 young people aged 12-24, and a self-administrated questionnaire survey of 205 parents. 84% of young people and 96% of parents said they had experienced conflict with either their parents or adolescent children in the previous 6 months. Verbal conflict was the most common, followed by deliberately ignoring one another in a form of 'cold war'. Physical fights were rare. Contact Sharon, tel 3755 7039 for further details of this survey, Current Youth Issues Series No. 2.