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Taking a gap year: the 'GPS' option
A gap year can open young eyes: to possibilities and horizons, to goals and directions. With GPS, the new gap year programme on offer from HKFYG, taking time away from school can be combined with acquiring job skills in Hong Kong ...more
Congratulations all round
Youth Matters Labour Department's Youth Pre-employment Training Programme/Youth Work Experience Training Programme gives awards to four HKFYG YEN trainees
Youth Matters Congratulations to school teams from HKFYG for success at World Green Mech Contest in Taipei this month ...more
What's new
Youth Matters GPS: a new kind of gap year for students to discover where they stand and find direction for the future
Youth Matters Chinese Antique Jewellery Workshops in September with Lisa Cheung ...more
Coming soon
Youth Matters Join HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers: auditioning deadline 17 August ...more
HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers

Thank you partners
Thank you partners
Youth Matters Turning Point - Improvement Award Ceremony recognizes youth at risk who overcome challenges
Youth Matters Meet Eugene Yau at YBHK Dialogue with Successful Entrepreneurs courtesy of Love Ideas Love Hong Kong
Youth Matters Dragon 100 Chinese Youth Leaders Forum 10th anniversary launched