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Youth Matters
Singing their hearts out

Pendular, HKFYG Youth Band
As the festive season begins to gets into swing, singers past and present from HKFYG's ensembles and
contests, say how they feel about the creative outlet they love most. These young people have found a way to express their inner selves, to share their feelings with others, either with unaccompanied a cappella vocal music or with pop rock. As one of them says, "Our songs tell city dwellers to go out and enjoy life, to get rid of their worries.

"The lifestyle in Hong Kong is always very tense and fast-paced. Relaxation and a smile are what most people want to get from listening to music. They may not like classical music if they don't know how to appreciate it but a cappella is a simple gift for everybody. It can even be interactive."
Ding Ding, Hong Kong Melody Makers

"The essence of our music is helplessness, the stress of city life, its burdens, day in, day out, past and future. Our songs tell city dwellers to go out and enjoy life, to get rid of their worries. We write when we are stressed out by work, but know we can't live without it."
Pendular, HKFYG Youth Band
Live every moment
Of your splendid youth
Sadness forgotten
Sorrows forgiven
Love each tender moment
Lived in truth
from Live in the Moment by Pendular

"A cappella is fresh, fun and easy for young people to understand. It isn't too hard to find a group of young people who like to sing unaccompanied together, they can even do a capella instead of karaoke! That's how you get people involved."
Gabriel, Hong Kong Melody Makers

The annual The HKFYG Hong Kong A Cappella Contest 2012, sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, is on this Friday and Saturday, 23-24 November 2012. The next HKFYG Youth Band Sounds Competition will be in spring 2013.
HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers
The Youth Employment Network (YEN) has been recruiting for a new Train & Match programme at the HKFYG Jockey Club Kwai Fong Youth S.P.O.T. Interview skills training, vocational taster courses and job matching are being offered. Pre-job training is now under way and job matching with YEN employers begins next month. Contact Jasmine or Peggy, tel 3113 7999 or visit for more details.

Thanks to Swire Resources Ltd, Cathay Pacific Services Ltd, Ocean Park, PS Group International Ltd for their collaboration in these services.
Train & Match programme
Coming soon
Hong Kong a cappella Contest 2012
Sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, HKFYG is organizing the Hong Kong a cappella Contest 2012 this Friday and Saturday, 23-24 November 2012, at Tsuen Wan Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall. The HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers will be performing as guests. Contact Miri Leung, Tel 2395 5753 or visit for more info.
Hong Kong a cappella Contest 2012
Thank you to all our partners
Thank you to all our partners
Moving into green partnership with the Environment
and Conservation Fund

As part of the effort to promote environmental consciousness and conservation in the community, we have a 3-year plan for transforming HKFYG into a Green Youth Organization. The Environment and Conservation Fund has, in principle, approved funding of over HK$14 million for this major project. Associated initiatives include environmental education and community action projects, an energy and carbon audit, improved energy efficiency in facilities, waste recovery and recycling. Call Kevin, tel 3755 7110, for details.

10th Anniversary of HKFYG Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest
Over 13,650 young people have taken part in the HKFYG Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest over the last 10 years and applications are now being accepted for the 2013 contest. A Speaking Enhancement Workshop will be organized on 22 December 2012 at Ki-tec and the Grand Final cum Awards Ceremony will be on 23 February 2013 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Deadline for applications: 28 December 2012. Apply at Contact Carman, tel 2169 0255 for more details.

HSBC Community Partnership Programme supports HKFYG Youth SPOT activities
Designed to help people understand their community better, this HSBC programme is providing funding of over HK$1.5 million for 6 HKFYG Youth SPOT district-based initiatives and a Stanley Outdoor Activities Centre programme. Photography and video-making, music and art, carnivals and exhibitions, as well as orienteering are included in the programme and young participants also do voluntary work to reinforce the message in the community. Contact Brenda, tel 3755 7102 for details.

10th Hang Seng Bank Leaders to Leaders Lecture with Dr Ricky Szeto Wing-fu
Dr Ricky Szeto Wing-fu, Executive Director of Hung Fook Tong Holdings Ltd will be the tenth guest speaker at the upcoming Leaders to Leaders Lecture in early 2013. Building on seven years of successful collaboration, HKFYG and The University of Hong Kong have generous support from Hang Seng Bank, again from 2013-2015. More information at Contact Iris, tel 2169 0255 for more details of date and venue.   |   |   Partnership   |   Donations   |   Our Partners   |   Contact us
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