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Youth Matters
Election Awareness

Whatever one may think of the pace of democratic reform in Hong Kong, the fact of the matter is that elections matter. In less than two weeks, Hong Kong will hold elections for the 5th term Legislative Council (LegCo) of the HKSAR.

This is an exciting LegCo election, not only because it will be the first under the new Chief Executive, but also because under new arrangements, there will be ten more seats up for grabs. This year, 70 seats will be available, with 35 elected directly through geographical constituencies and 35 by functional constituencies. The campaigning has been intense. Candidates and their teams seem to be everywhere, on posters and banners and in person handing out flyers on street comers. There are cars with loud speakers travelling the city blasting out election promises.

The Federation's opinion is that young people cannot ignore what is going on, arguing that the elections do not concern them. Those who are over 18 should vote and the time will soon come for those who are too young now. For everyone, this is a great opportunity not only to get acquainted with the candidates and their platforms but also to become familiar with the process of elections and their outcome.

Increasing ones awareness and understanding of elections today can only result in an educated and thoughtful voter tomorrow. And that benefits everyone.
HKFYG Student Science Project Competition winning team has great success at New Zealand Science and Technology Fair
The champions in the 2012 HKFYG Student Science Project Competition took part in the NIWA Waikato Science and Technology Fair in New Zealand from 23-25 August. The team from Ho Dao College won 2nd Prize in the Class, Inventions and Technical Innovations, with their project "Fridge Odour Remover." Well done!
HKFYG Student Science Project Competition

YBHK co-founder of Conduct Chinese Medicine Clinic Ltd in top 3 for International "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award
Dennis Au, co-founder of Conduct Chinese Medicine Clinic Ltd (Conduct) is a finalist in the 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year competition organized by The Prince's Youth Business International (YBI). YBI is a global network based in the UK which gives young people opportunities to start up businesses. Conduct was founded in 2008 by Dennis Au and Peter Pang with support from HKFYG's Youth Business Hong Kong (YBHK), under YBI authorization. The two energetic young entrepreneurs have a strong academic background in biomedical science and modern corporate management. They have five clinics and provide pro-bono medical services locally and overseas. Dennis will represent Hong Kong at a final interview in London in October. For more details, contact Miranda Wong 3113 7999.
Conduct Chinese Medicine Clinic Ltd

Guinness World Record London Office confirms success of Federation's attempt to break the record for the Largest Body Percussion Ensemble
The Guinness World Record London Office has officially confirmed that the Federation's attempt to break the record for the Largest Body Percussion Ensemble has been successful. On 2 July this year, as part of HKFYG 15th anniversary of HKSAR celebrations, 7089 people took part in the attempt at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Well done to every one of them!
Visit for full details.
HKFYG soon to offer new services at Congregation House in Causeway Bay
The HKFYG Continuous Learning Centre will expand into new premises with an office and classrooms, and teaching equipment. These will continue provide quality learning courses with more diversity to young people. The new centre will be in full service from early September. For more details contact Rex or Sophia, telat 3755 7021.

In the same building, the new HKFYG Youth Assessment and Development Centre will offer assessment of children and youth with special developmental and educational needs. Autism, dyslexia, hyperactivity, learning difficulties and speech problems can be assessed. Social skills training, fine motor skills and sensory integration training, plus writing skills and speech training can be given. Gifted children are also catered for. Enquiries, bookings and referrals from teachers and parents are welcome. For more details contact Anna, tel 2130 4050.
HKFYG Continue Learning Centre
Thank you to all our partners
Thank you to all our partners
Airport Authority and Labour Department celebrate 10th anniversary of partnership with the Federation's Youth Employment Network
On 29 August, the HKFYG Youth Employment Network had a 10th Anniversary Ceremony to celebrate the Airport Ambassador Programme and the appointment of new Airport Ambassadors, with its partners, the Airport Authority and the Labour Department. The Guests of Honour are The Hon Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Labour and Welfare and Airport Authority of Hong Kong CEO, Mr Stanley Hui. Contact Gary, tel 3113 7999, or visit
for details.

Just published
Results of youth sex survey conducted by the HKFYG and Department of Applied Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong
A third of the 270 young people aged 10 to 24 in this survey, conducted from December 2011 to June 2012, consider sex a normal part of dating. About 28% would consider having sex with a minor and almost 20% said they had done so. However, only 55% have actually had sex. Many of them have misconceptions about both sex and relationships. The survey indicated that companionship, happiness, and finding someone who cares, or to care for, are the main reasons why youngsters date and have sex. HKFYG's Youth Crime Prevention Centre has produced the "LOVE SIM" card game to teach youngsters about the dangers of unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases and sex-related crime. It is for use with a social worker or teachers and is recommended for 10 year-olds upwards. More details at or hotline 8100 9669.
"LOVE SIM" card game

Challenges of Hong Kong's Economic Integration with the Mainland: new issue of HKFYG Journal of Youth Studies
While Hong Kong's economic integration with the mainland has promoted development and interaction on both sides, the institutional and cultural differences have brought about various social problems. The HKFYG's Journal of Youth Studies, Volume 15, no. 2, serial no. 30, discusses these challenges, including issues associated with education, human resource development, social services and population policy. Education experts from Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Macao and Hong Kong have also contributed articles on youth continuing education. Read the abstracts at Contact Amy, tel 3755 7037 for further details.
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