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What makes a youngster commit a crime? Is it a cry for attention or an act of bravado?

Research shows that contributory factors in juvenile crime include problems at home, poor family communication, alcohol and drug issues, and the boredom, rebelliousness, exclusion and unhappiness of adolescence. These can be compounded by negative peer pressure or simply wanting to be one of the gang. Such problems may seem insurmountable at the time an offence is committed, but they can all be addressed positively. Vulnerable youth need care and understanding above all. They need supportive systems that address their problems and concerns, providing a safety net that can and will catch them if they fall. These include counselling, mentoring, and guidance from parents, teachers, youth workers and the police. The entire community is responsible if we wish to see youth crime decline. Only this will reduce the stigma attached to juvenile crime and delinquency and help young offenders turn over a new leaf.
HKFYG NEIGHBOURHOOD First and Commission on Youth create music with Youth S.P.O.Ts at HK Poly U
With the partnership of the Commission on Youth, a musical show from seven HKFYG Youth S.P.O.Ts is being hosted on 19 August at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Jockey Club Auditorium. Over 100 young people are taking part in the show which is intended to highlight views on neighbourhood and neighbourliness. Contact Mandy or Monica, tel 3755 7072, for more information.
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HK Arts Development Council funding for two a cappella concerts with HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers this autumn: mark your diary now!
The Hong Kong Arts Development Council has approved funding of $75,600 for the HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers to organize two concerts. First, the Chorus Concert Hong Kong Melody Makers 2012 Choral Space, to be held on a public holiday, Tuesday 23 October at 8pm in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall. Then, on Saturday 17 November there will be the A Cappella Vocal Band Concert The Hong Kong Melody Makers 2012 Concert: The Lost Chords at 8pm in Sha Tin Town Hall, Cultural Activities Hall. Tickets at $200 and $160 will be available at URBTIX from 23 September for the Chorus Concert and 650 will be free for students. Tickets for the A Cappella Vocal Band Concert are $150 and $100. Contact Connie, tel 2395 5753 for more information.
HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers
Thank you to all our partners
Thank you to all our partners
Building the Sony News Corp at HKFYG's Hong Kong Jockey Club Media 21
Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd has confirmed its sponsorship of the Sony News Corps @M21. It will be created by enthusiastic youth who care about their community. They will interview local people and create stories in their own voices. Video features based on the stories will then be produced by them with media skills gained, and equipment provided at HKFYG's Hong Kong Jockey Club Media 21, usually known as M21. The Sony News Corp will have up to 30 members, ranging from students to working adults. Call Katy for further details, tel 2831 9183.
Recent events
HKFYG's Youth Business Hong Kong welcomes parent organization, Youth Business International
The Federation has operated Youth Business Hong Kong (YBHK), authorized by Youth Business International (YBI), since 2005. YBI has a global network with operations on five continents which it visits as part of the quality assurance and accreditation process. The visit on 13-14 August was led by Mr Andrew Fiddaman, Managing Director of YBI, and Mr Satjit Singh, external assessor. They saw examples of young entrepreneurs managing start up business with the help of four core services provided by YBHK: interest-free loans, mentorship, business support and networking. These included EcoSage, one of the first businesses supported by YBHK and Takon Product Development Ltd, whose CEO Mr Jerry Lee presented the visitors with samples of their product POSTalk. Contact Miranda Wong, tel 3113 7999 for more information.
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