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Youth Matters
Housing for Young People

We very much welcome and are greatly encouraged by the Chief Executive's announcement on Monday regarding several new housing initiatives, particularly support for the establishment of youth hostels. The Federation believes that this will fill a long-ignored gap in the housing market ...more
Summer School for Effective Leadership 2012
Youth Matters Summer School for Effective Leadership 2012: An Overture to Global Leadership 19-28 July 2012, HKU
Youth Matters Snake Gourd! Bottle Gourd!! Giant Pumpkin !!! Yellow Skin Water Melon!!!! all at HKFYG Organic Farm this summer
Coming soon
Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders Forum
Youth Matters Commissioning ceremony for Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders
Forum 2012
Thank you to all our partners
Thank you to all our partners
Youth Matters Over $300,000 cash and prizes from HSBC Youth Business Award sponsored by HSBC Business
Youth Matters Film show for Felix Wong Youth Improvement Awardees courtesy of Edko Films Ltd
Youth Matters Wudang Martial Arts trip goes to Wuhan with sponsorship from BOC Group Life Assurance Co Ltd
Youth Matters Funding from Love Ideas ♥ HK for new service projects at HKFYG
Recent events
HKFYG Painting Marathon at Megabox
Youth Matters 2012 China Week: Painting Marathon at Megabox with animated mosaic of hundreds of paintings
Just published
Book Fair
Youth Matters Ten new titles from HKFYG at the Book Fair in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre this week and next week

Anti-drug Training for Parents [抗毒家長]
Essential Lessons for Youth Entrepreneurship [青年創業秘笈]
Practical Guide for Modern Parents [港孩不壞: 新一代管教指南]
Problem Solving: Youth Work Practice [解難不難: 青年工作實務手冊]
LEAD Creative Class: Learn, Unlearn and Relearn [創意科藝教室: 求知、重塑、再探索]
Web Positive 3.0: A Collection of Youth Online Blogs [快樂部落格3.0]
Give up? No Way! [怎能認輸?]
Fly High with Us: Stories of Young Savers [伴我翱翔: 人生企劃的六堂課]
Neigbourhood First: Experiencing Poverty [鄰舍第一: 貧窮「身」體驗]
The Cat Talks [貓言貓語]
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