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Youth Matters
Housing for Young People

We very much welcome and are greatly encouraged by the Chief Executive's announcement on Monday regarding several new housing initiatives, particularly support for the establishment of youth hostels. The Federation believes that this will fill a long-ignored gap in the housing market.

It is well known that Hong Kong has always faced a housing challenge, with affordability and availability being the two most common obstacles. This is perhaps felt no more acutely than by young people, at the start of their professional lives, earning a wage yet unable for years to access the independent housing market. With high rental charges in the private market, long public housing queues and priority given to the elderly, young earners are often limited to remaining at home with parents or affording nothing better than sub-divided units in poor condition.

Now, with the Government's proposal to fully subsidize the construction of youth hostels, the Federation believes young people can finally access affordable alternatives to independent accommodation. We believe that this is a first step to independent living, for economically responsible, financially autonomous youth, enabling them to look optimistically to the future.
Summer School for Effective Leadership 2012: An Overture to Global Leadership
19-28 July 2012, HKU

Participants in the Summer School have the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the global problems confronting mankind. They acquire leadership skills, with the emphasis on self-motivation and independent learning. Residing in halls at The University of Hong Kong provides a unique chance to experience independent, responsible living. 134 participants this year include students from Hong Kong, mainland China, Australia, Canada, France, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, Netherlands, UK and the US. They will have lectures, leadership workshops, team-building, community involvement projects, and campus experience. Contact Christine, tel 2169 0255 for further info.
Summer School for Effective Leadership 2012

Snake Gourd! Bottle Gourd!! Giant Pumpkin !!! Yellow Skin Water Melon!!!!
all at HKFYG Organic Farm this summer

Located near the Ho Pui Reservoir in Tai Lam Country Park, the farm focuses on specialty crops. The only USDA-certified organic farm in Hong Kong, it accommodates up to 300 people in multi-purpose rooms equipped with facilities for seminars and workshops. Tailor-made leisure and educational programmes are arranged for schools, companies and other organizations. Fun Day for Herbs and Melons, Sunday 19 August 2012 1.30pm-4.30pm is a highlight. Cost HK$150 (transport and programme materials included; individual farm members 20% discount). Details at, tel 2838 4808, fax 2488 9034, email Contact Bonnie Cheng 3755 7101 to arrange company activities.
HKFYG Organic Farm

Coming soon
Commissioning ceremony for Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders Forum 2012
The launch of the 2012 Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders Forum takes place on 6 August, 25/F HKFYG Building, with The Hon Mrs Fanny Law, Member of the Executive Council, as Guest of Honour. The forum's theme is Innovation and Development in Tianjin: a Manifestation of China's 12th Five-Year Plan. 100 young Chinese leaders from around the world take part in the annual forum, which has a triple venue this year: Hong Kong, Beijing and Tianjin. Tianjin, a city which exemplifies dynamic planning, was chosen to match the theme. Contact Stanley, tel 2811 2779, for more information.
Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders Forum
Thank you to all our partners
Thank you to all our partners
Over $300,000 cash and prizes from HSBC
Youth Business Award sponsored by HSBC Business

Calling young businessmen and women! This not-to-be-missed opportunity lets you showcase your successful business AND be eligible to win over HK$300,000 in cash and prizes. Organized by HKFYG and solely sponsored by HSBC Business, the aim of the HSBC Youth Business Award is to recognize outstanding local youth businesses and promote youth entrepreneurship culture. Act now! Deadline 20 July 2012! For details, contact Miranda Wong, tel 3113 7999 or visit

Film show for Felix Wong Youth Improvement Awardees courtesy of Edko Films Ltd
A screening of inspirational movie, The First Time, courtesy of Edko Films Ltd, was arranged on 12 July for HKFYG Felix Wong Youth Improvement Award nominees, awardees and family members. It followed the award ceremony last Saturday. Starring actress, Angelababy, talked to the audience afterwards. Contact Joni tel 2395 0161 for more information.

Wudang Martial Arts trip goes to Wuhan with sponsorship from BOC Group Life Assurance Co Ltd
A trip to Wuhan, organized by HKFYG for 40 secondary students selected from 252 applicants, will take place from 1-10 August with sponsorship from The BOC Group Life Assurance Co Ltd. Wudang martial arts training will be included, and students will learn about self-discipline and Taoism. Contact Stanley, tel 2811 2779, for more information.

Funding from Love Ideas ♥ HK for new service projects at HKFYG
Love Ideas ♥ HK is a campaign initiated by the Li Ka Shing Foundation to engage Hong Kong citizens in a united effort to improve the community. 18 projects at HKFYG Youth S.P.O.Ts, Youth Employment Service, Youth-At-Risk Service and Internet Service, have campaign funding of HK$4.2 million this year to implement projects. They include community caring, drama performances, services for students with special education needs, education on values, youth crime prevention, internet crime prevention, supportive services for youth experiencing sex, drug or violent crises, and services to enhance youth employability and youth entrepreneurship. Visit or contact James, tel 3755 7083 for more details.
Recent events
2012 China Week: Painting Marathon at Megabox with animated mosaic of hundreds of paintings
A Painting Marathon was held at Megabox on Saturday 6 July from 10am-6pm with over 1,000 eager participants of all ages. This was the second event in HKFYG's China Week, which had the theme of The Heritage of Chinese Ink this year. Creative work in acrylics that was done during the marathon was subsequently animated as a mosaic and features a dragon logo designed by painter Dr Dominic Lam. The animation will be uploaded at Call 3755 7188 for more information.
HKFYG Painting Marathon at Megabox
Just published
Ten new titles from HKFYG at the Book Fair in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre this week and next week
New books recently published by HKFYG and specially prepared for young people, teachers, social workers and parents are available at the Hong Kong Book Fair from today till next Tuesday 24 July. Visit Booth 1C-E22, 1/F, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. Ten titles at the bargain price of HK$80 each are available to choose from as well as HKFYG's own magazines for all concerned with youth.

Anti-drug Training for Parents [抗毒家長]
Essential Lessons for Youth Entrepreneurship [青年創業秘笈]
Practical Guide for Modern Parents [港孩不壞: 新一代管教指南]
Problem Solving: Youth Work Practice [解難不難: 青年工作實務手冊]
LEAD Creative Class: Learn, Unlearn and Relearn [創意科藝教室: 求知、重塑、再探索]
Web Positive 3.0: A Collection of Youth Online Blogs [快樂部落格3.0]
Give up? No Way! [怎能認輸?]
Fly High with Us: Stories of Young Savers [伴我翱翔: 人生企劃的六堂課]
Neigbourhood First: Experiencing Poverty [鄰舍第一: 貧窮「身」體驗]
The Cat Talks [貓言貓語]

Contact Ada, tel 3755 7108 for further information
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