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Youth Matters
Pressure cooker relief valve

The pressure cooker of Hong Kong education needs a release valve, especially this year, with the introduction of the new Diploma of Secondary Education, and all its attendant uncertainties. There is just so much pressure that anyone can take before the lid blows off. The fact that there is life outside the classroom needs to be brought home to students, preventing them from becoming sedentary couch potatoes who move only from computer table to the sofa in front to of the TV.

To continue with the relief valve metaphor, young people need to take control, themselves, of the sense of hot competition breathing down their necks. To turn the heat down, recognize that they cannot all be as creative, as successful and as powerful as each other, means opening the window and letting in a breeze of change. This would take the heat off and allow the hot air of a crowded, pressured lifestyle to escape. For the ones who have yet to discover this for themselves, all of us - teachers, mentors and parents, are needed to help them.
Start the Engine Project wins Certificate of Merit at Hong Kong ICT Awards (HKICTA) 2012:
Best Digital Inclusion Service

HKICTA's 2012 Best Digital Inclusion Service Certificate of Merit went to HKFYG's Start the Engine Project on April 3 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Project was initiated by HKFYG's outreach services, supported by the Digital Solidarity Fund. It targets youth who hang around at night, helping those with poor educational achievement, low motivation and no direction. Outreach social workers offer them the use of digital and internet devices, encouraging the youngsters to seek new directions in employment and future study, and learn how to create innovative video clips for their resumes. They can also do mock interviews and join the project's Facebook account to get the latest information on careers. Contact Ken Lee, tel 2702 2202 for more information.
Project Start the Engine wins Certificate of Merit at Hong Kong ICT Awards (HKICTA) 2012: Best Digital Inclusion Service
HKFYG's LEAD initiates creativity education collaboration for the World Meal Project - a Scratch Cultural Exchange Programme with overseas partners
LEAD has initiated collaboration for the World Meal Project to be organized by educators at museums, universities and schools in Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Spain and the US. Children around the globe will design their own Scratch sprites (characters) with multimedia software designed by the MIT Media Lab, to feature with voice recordings about food from various part of the world. These will be collected for display online and in museums in Toyota, Japan and Boston, US. An associated Scratch exchange workshop will be held in late April, when each participating country hosts an instantaneous sharing session for groups of children through internet. Contact Edmond, tel 3106 0600, for more details.
HKFYG LEAD Scratch Day
Coming soon
Course for connoisseurs of Chinese arts with Mrs Lisa Cheung at HKFYG's Centre for Continuous Learning
HKFYG's Centre for Continuous Learning (CLC) will run a certificate course at the HKFYG Building in North Point on Chinese Artefact Connoisseurship on Saturdays, 4.30-7pm, from 28 April-12 May 2012. Mrs Lisa Cheung Chung Lai-seung will teach students how to identify and appreciate the nuances in Chinese artefacts and antiques. They will also learn how auctions are run and can help organize the HKFYG Charity Auction on 20 May, under professional guidance. For details and enrolment, please download the course leaflet or call CLC, tel 3755 7021.
Certificate Course in Chinese Artefacts Connoisseurship
Thank you to all our partners
HKFYG Youth Band Sound Competition 2012 sponsored by Sennheiser and CocaCola Zero
The first heat of this year's HKFYG Youth Band Sound Competition is on 6 May 4pm-10pm at the HKFYG Tsuen Wan Indoor Sports Centre. The finals are in Y Studio, 2/F, Youth Square, Chai Wan on 2 June 6.30pm-9:30pm. Judges include Davy Chan, the famous drummer and music producer, and popular Hong Kong vocalist, Sammy@Kolor. Generous gift certificates are being given by Sennheiser. They will go with trophies to the winners, HK$10,000 (Champion), HK$5,000 (1st runner-up) and HK$3,000 (2nd runner-up). CocaCola Zero is also sponsoring this year's competition. Deadline for entry 23 April 2012. Contact Michelle, tel 2395 5753, for full details.

Culmination of HKFYG Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest on 14 April 2012 with Mr Kenneth Chen, JP as Guest of Honour
The finals of the HKFYG Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest, sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank (HK) Ltd, are this Saturday, 14 April. Mr Kenneth Chen, JP, will be Guest of Honour. The contest is the largest of its kind in Hong Kong with almost 2000 applications from 168 participating schools this year. The judges include Mr Benjamin Hung, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bank (HK) Ltd, Mr Warwick John Fahy , Chairman, China Division, Toastmasters International, Mr Kevin McLaven, Director, English Language Service, British Council, Ms Rossana Ho, Executive Committee Member, Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence, Ms Shirley Yuen, CEO, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Dr Verner Bickley, MBE, Chairman, Executive Committee, English-Speaking Union (HK) and Mr Lester Garson Huang, Ex-officio, HKFYG. Contact Carman, tel 2169 0255 for more details.   |   |   Partnership   |   Donations   |   Our Partners   |   Contact us
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